Furniture XO
Furniture XO, Inc. , MIG Enterprises, Inc. SCAM -BUYER BEWARE!!!

******3rd LEGAL UPDATE (posted 3/3/12)******

CEO of Furniture XO/MIG Enterprises,Matthew Kolodesh, was charged by the FBI for fraud/embezzlement. Here is the link to the case information on the FBI website.

******2nd LEGAL UPDATE******

As of 2-29-12 I have been contacted by the Pennsylvania Attorney General and they are officially investigating Furniture XO. I referenced and the BBB complaintaints so there is a better chance they can start a class action lawsuit. Also I filed a small claims lawsuit against Furniture XO that is scheduled for trial at the end of April 2012.

I encourage everyone who has been lied to, scammed, and ripped off by this frauduent company to contact the Pennsylvania Attorney Generals office. Here is the link to their complaint form on their website and it has all of their contact info on it (i suggest using the mail-in form so you can send in all of your supporting douments).

Hope this helps and I will continue to post updates.

********LEGAL UPDATE*******As of 2/1/12, I have contacted the Federal Trade Commission, Class Action Private Attorneys, and the Pennsylvania Attorney General. The Attorney General is currently reviewing the complaint and I will post updates as I get them.

Furniture XO needs to revise and give full disclosure of their deceptive advertising practices.You can't offer free shipping then charge a 10%fuel surcharge for delivery- which coinsidently negates the 10% discount you get if paying by check. To can't accept payment for assembly and then 6wks later say you don't have anyone to assemble. It's fraudulent to keep customers' money for several weeks and then not deliver the product. They need to stop 'floating' money and fill orders

Here is my BBB complaint:I am having the same problems as eveyone else.I paid $1700 for an order placed 6 weeks ago, and after being on the phone for an hour trying to get information about my order today, I just found out it was damaged and would take 2 more weeks to get filled. I also paid $300 for assembly and 5 weeks after cashing my check they told me they didn't have anyone to assemble. I found someone to assemble it and called again for tracking. After being on the phone for an hour they told me it hadn't shipped because it was damaged. After all the lies, unreturned voicemails, unanswered emails, managers never being available, and being on hold just to have my order damaged I asked for an expedited refund so I could go buy a bed, because we are tired of sleeping on the floor, they told me it would be another 7-10 business days to get a refund processed. So to make a long story short I agree we should all ban together for aclass action lawsuit.This company should not be allowed to scam anyone else! Please contact me if you decide to move forward with the lawsuit.I have all of the emails/voicemails from them as proof.

Offender: Furniture XO
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Philadelphia
Address: 2801 Grant Ave
Phone: 2159690202

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