Luna flooring, Luna carpeting Lunacy to deal with Lunatic scammers

I called Luna only because they advertise next day installation. We saw the salesman on Thursday hoping for a Friday install so we could move in on Saturday. We even pulled up our old flooring ourselves before bringing in the salesman so we could get an accurate quote and things would happen fast.

Salesman didn't offer many samples but we picked one that he assured was in stock and he gave us a decent quote considering it was next day so we signed contract and gave a deposit. Then he called in the order and said the warehouse said they need one extra day they'll have to install Saturday instead of Friday and we were disappointed but agreed and proceeded to have to call our movers to reschedule our move from Saturday to Sunday which they were kind enough to accommodate without a problem.

Saturday comes and so does the delivery truck with all our materials and we were excited only to find they delivered the wrong product. We called the salesman because we chose 5" plank natural oak engineered wood flooring and they delivered 3" plank dark wood. The salesman apologized and said this would was an upgrade and if we'd like to keep it he wouldn't charge us for the upgrade. Really!?

We said no please go back to your warehouse and get the product we ordered and we were told they could not because the warehouse was now closed. So now were not gonna get floors till Monday. Then the salesman called us back and said what we ordered was not in stock as he thought and they wouldn't be able to get it till at least Tuesday.

Plus the installers who had the wrong product said were not going to be able to install these floors here. I asked why and they said there is a crack at the perimeter of our slab and some areas appeared not to be completely level. I told the installer that the slab was exposed at the time of getting price and the salesman included a bag of concrete patch and 5 bags of leveling compound and that if they didn't use it all we wouldn't be charged. Installer said we need 24 bags of leveling compound otherwise we could install but not give a lifetime warranty. Seems would split. However the previous owners had a cheap laminate installed on this floor that we just removed and it sat very nice with no separating planks. Hmmm.

Luna called us to say that extra labor and leveling compound for our 460 sq foot area would be an additional $3,000! Over the original $4,600 quote and I told them to cancel our order. We were pressured into continuing with the order and splitting the $3,000 with them.

Having buyers remorse about accepting that and called our salesman the next day to tell him to cancel and he acted as if he was outraged about the extra money and he was going to pitch a fit to the owner himself to try and get the charges reversed and he'd call us back Monday morning now Tuesday rolls around and he never called back and wasn't returning phone calls from me.

So I finally left the salesman a message saying I wasn't sure after hearing about the so called $3,000 mis-quote if that was lack of salesman training by Luna or dishonesty on his part but now I was convinced it was dishonesty on his part to get the sale. He finally calls me back and said sorry for not calling me back and that he got an additional $500 off the "mis-quote" so now it will only cost us $950 over the original contract price. Only $950... Nice.

And to make matters worse on the actual day of install they realized they had the wrong color transitional pieces. How many times can one company drop the ball.

In summary I got my order one week late and $950 over budget with 1,000 heated conversations in between.

Please save yourself lot's of time, money and aggravation by not considering Luna for your flooring.

Offender: Luna
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 877241Luna

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