PODS moving and storage Miss leading, horrible customer service, highway robbery.

My family was making a long distance move and decided to go with pods. We were unsure of our destination (either Burbank, CA or Seattle, WA) so we liked that we could keep our stuff in storage until we were sure on what city. Pods shipped our stuff after we were told three times that our stuff would stay in our original city until we were paid in full. Just so happened, they shipped our stuff to the wrong city. We decided on Seattle and they had already shipped it to Burbank. Pods at first admitted that they were wrong, and were very nice about everything. As time went on, the rep we dealt with became very very rude towards us. we asked several time to speak with his manager or supervisor and he would tell us that we would be getting a phone call from one within 24 hours. Never received a call. He then changed our total to be paid from 950 dollars to and additional 3700 dollars to ship our pod to Seattle, and stated that we need to pay for both shipments to get our stuff back.

We tried on several occasions to speak with someone else, but the rep had put a note on our account to only allow us to speak with him. I luckily made a phone call 3 weeks ago to the answering line to try yet again to speak with someone else when I found out that he had transferred my account to auction status. What it all came down to is my husband had to drive down to Burbank last week, rent a U haul unload the pod and drive all the way back. Dealing with Pods has cost my family five months without our belongings, a total of 4800 dollars. We settled with them for 950 amount for storage, simply so that our stuff wasn't auctioned.

Pods is the worst business i have ever dealt with and wouldn't recommend them to anyone. I really know the feeling of loosing everything ive ever owned from this company. My child sadly enough knows that feeling also. If I hadn't called; my stuff would have been auctioned and I wouldn't have known till it was too late. I called two weeks before the auction date.

I am not one to complain or say negative things about others, I am hoping to get my word out so that you wont get ripped off too!

Offender: Pods
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: Clearwater
Phone: 8777707637
Site: www.pods.com

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