Kraft foods Company refuses service customers... crappy coffee maker makes crappy coffee

Originally. my tassimo was recalled due to issues with people being burned. They said to call them and they would take care of the problem.

It was hard to reach them as the phone lines were full and the web site was down. It was very difficult to reach them. Finally I reached them on the web site and nothing happend. I emailed them and asked what was goig on. No reply. Finally after waiting 10 days, I called the company and was told it will take 3 weeks to send me the item needed to fix the coffee maker.

So taht is three weeks without coffee. I asked what they were doing for the customers due to this delay. I was told that they will do nothing because they do not have to. All they have to do is send out the part. So too bad if it takes so long. Finally they agreed to send me two free packs of coffee. It never arrived.

The part arrivred and in the mean time I bought some more cofee and some hot chocolate from a grocery store. I tried the chocolate and it tasted awful. It was just hot water. I tried a second one thinking it was just a bad cup. It was not. So I thought the chocolate was just really awful and would not buy it again.

I made the coffee for my husband and he asked if I changed the brand, I did not but it was a new package. He said it tasted awful and not to buy the brand again. He said it tasted like hot water. I made a connection....the products sent to that one grocery store are not working properly. As it was over a week since I bought the products I did not have a receipt to return them.

So I called Tassimo. I spoke with Chantel who had to open an account for me. I did not want an account but she insisted. So we opened an account. She then said they will send me a coupon for one product and not two. I tolld her that was not acceptable but she said it was policy. I did not understand how two seperate products could not be replaced. Finally she agreed. Then she told me they have to send me coupons. I said ok. She said it would take up to 8 weeks to get them. Eight weeks????!!!!??? That I do not understand. Put two coupons in an envelope and mail them out. Send to me and I get it in a week. She said if I had a complaint she would transfer me to the correct department. She transfered me to the product recall department. They said they could not help me and to call back.

So I called again and I asked for a supervisor I spoke to Lawrence and he tells me yes eight weeks. I ask him why and he says that is how long it takes to mail stuff from the US to Canada where I am. It has to clear customs. Needless to say I am dumbfounded. Customs does not read letters or coupons. Mail crosses the boarder every day with no delay. Yes it can take some time to get the mail but usually not more then a week. I told Lawrence that his story was not true and I did not believe he was a supervisor. He said his supervisor would call me back. I did not believe him. He said I could call today and speak to Rodrick and no problem he would take my call. I have called Rodrick 4 times and he is just nat available to me.

I called again and spoke to Akiedrian and asked her for the address and phone number of the head office and she said no. It is not company policy to give out information. So there is no coffee, the machine was out of service for almost a month and nobody wants customers to let the head office know what an awful job the customer service department is doing.

I am always concerned when you cannot talk to people at a company and they refuse to give company information. Sounds like a scam to me. What do they have to hide? Here is a solution for the company. Email me coupons and there is no eight week wait! Then I would have been happy and not had to waste my time writingthis email.

Offender: Tassimo
Country: USA   State: Delaware   City: Dover
Address: Holmparken Square PO BOX 6361
Phone: 18778347271
Site: www.tassimo.com

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