Jerry T. Hodges of SRM Construction
Jerry T. Hodges is a con artist, thief, liar. He's a greedy criminal. He stole tens of thousands for a building project. He spent the money for his own selfish needs, never paid anyone, and disappeare

Jerry T. Hodges of Sliding Rock Management (SRM) Construction in Columbia, TN is a crook and a con artist. He took tens of thousands of dollars from me for a project and instead of paying the people he hired to get me to permit, he spent that money on himself and never paid them or the architect.

Now I cant get my drawings until the architect is paid. Jerry totally disregarged the budget and when I said that I needed to get more bids, he got mad and kept the money.

He is a sorry low-down piece of scum. Do NOT trust Jerry T. Hodges of Columbia, TN with anything related to money or building!!! He is a freud, a greedy lying con-artist. He should be in jail for misappropriation of funds.

Offender: Jerry T. Hodges of SRM Construction
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Columbia
Address: 2348 Park Plus Drive
Phone: 9317972764

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