American Steel Span, Inc.

I am unable to get a local building permit unless I pay American Steel Span more $$$$.

I purchased an American Steel Span building (24 X 28) on 3/18/11. The deposit was $1700. The "salesman", one Clark Foley, promised that the building would be shipped in two week.

While I was waiting, 5 weeks later (April 15th) and I'm still waiting, I contacted my local planning and zoning people regarding a building permit. I was told that I needed a licensed engineer's stamp on the drawings.

Of course, I contacted American Steel Span, Aaron Coggins, with the unbelieveable title of "customer support specialist". Aaron said that they have an "engineer" in Missouri that is licensed in all 50 states that will provide me (in Idaho) with an Idaho signed engineers stamp for the structure. BUT, it will cost $925.

That's just for the structure. The concrete is another story. I also have to hire a "local engineer" to engineer the concrete footings/foundation. Estimates for that piece are $600-$800.

GUESS WHAT! I'm at another $1700 and still don't have the product I purchased.

I'm not a rocket scientist, but at this point I sharpened by pencil and did some calculations. GUESS WHAT!! I'm better off telling them to shove their non-engineered building and get a local "reputaible" company to build a building over my horses heads.

I called American Steel Span and told the "customer support specialist" that I did not want their non-engineered product. GUESS WHAT! He wasn't even surprised, just happy that American Steel Span got my $1700.

Good thing it's April 15th or I might feel like I was REALLY getting ripped off!

Offender: American Steel Span, Inc.
Country: USA   State: North Dakota   City: Fargo
Address: 3431 4th Ave S., Suite E
Phone: 8002379620

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