Paramount Property Management
Krista Claffey, Casandra Swanson Honesty, Integrity, Kindness, and Loyalty is not what their four cornerstones really are.

Paramount Property Management was my agent for my rental property in Boise. I terminated my contract with them after I found out that they allowed my current tenants to move into my property without a signed lease agreement.

I had sent a termination letter in October, 2010 and within the termination letter I requested all files related to my property. I expected to receive tenant applications, forwarding address of my prior tenant, and all invoices. I also expected to receive all monies owed to me at that time.

Upon receiving my closing packet from Paramount Property Management, tenant applications were missing, forwarding information was missing, invoices were missing, and all monies owed to me were missing.

I pursued this through the BBB of the Snake River Region explaining the missing documents and monies. The response I had received was the application documents and forwarding address was highly confidential and they could not release that to me due to privacy laws even though I am the owner and they were acting as my agent. I asked 3 times for the documents as the prior tenant owed me money from damages done to my property.

I finally proceeded with small claims and after filing in small claims, I received an email from Cassandra Swanson giving me the forwarding address and the application of the prior tenant. This is all after they tell me they cannot give me that information. Furthermore, Cassandra tells me in my email that they have told the collection agency to stop attempting to collect on money owed to me by the prior tenant. I never authorized this to go to collections in the first place. So were they trying to collect my money for themselves? (Integrity?) I don't have the answer to that question and will leave it up to you reading this to determine your own thoughts.

I do the phone in trial and was constantly interrupted during mediation by Cassandra and Krista (Kindness?)We end the mediation with the agreement that I be provided with the collections agency that was attempting to collect the money owed to me. I call the collection agency and they have not records of it ever being in collections from by their company. So did Paramount tell me the truth in the email sent to me that they notified the collection agency to stop collections, or were they lying in the email about it ever being in collections? Another option could be that during mediation they lied about what collection agency they really used and gave me false information. (Honesty).

As it sits with me Paramount Property Management hits on one of their "four cornerstones" and that is Loyalty to only themselves.

I would suggest that renters and owners stay away from this company to protect themselves.

Offender: Paramount Property Management
Country: USA   State: Idaho   City: Boise
Address: 1116 Vista Ave #339
Phone: 2083337767

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