Exstink multiple fraudulent charges to credit card, not possible to cancel orders, doesn't ship product. Prescott

Exstink.com fraudulently charged my credit card multiple times (months apart) after I canceled an order with them. They engage in bald credit card fraud and theft. Do not give this company your credit card number!

The Story:

1. I tried to purchase a small quantity of their product, which apparently absorbs orders. They had no information about shipping so I assumed there would be a confirmation screen with that information. There wasn't. They just sent me an email saying they were going to charge me about twice what I had agreed to in order to cover shipping charges. I immediately replied and canceled my order. They never responded to my email.

2. I watched my credit card for a week to ensure they didn't charge me. They didn't during that week, so I thought the matter was closed. What I didn't realize is that they waited 10 days and then charged me anyway. They never shipped me any of the product. I wasn't looking for this charge so I didn't notice it.

3. Several months later, they charged my card again, for a larger and random amount without my knowledge or consent and without any reason. So far I have paid them $90 and they have never sent me anything. Emails to their sales number are ignored. They don't seem to answer their phone either.

Reading their BBB reports, you find many people who have experienced this same thing. If you cancel an order with this company, they will charge you anyway and never refund you. And when they want some cash in the future, they will charge your card again. They are horrible criminals. I wish there was a better way to prosecute them than just filing a complaint!

Offender: Exstink.com
Country: USA   State: All USA
Phone: 18882417487
Site: www.exstink.com

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