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1. We, home owners Dhaval Rasania & Parul Rasania, signed contract with Crescent Design Construction on 03/16/08. Total

project cost is 159, 000. As per contract, we paid 15% at signing of the contract. As per contract, Crescent has mentioned to

finish project within 5 months, permitting bad weather, delay due to unforeseen condition like unexpected changes to

structure etc.

2. As stated in contract, we paid 40% when work started. Crescent has made progress after 40% of this payment has been

made, demolition was done, framing was done.

3. As stated in contract, we paid another 20% upon start of HVAC, plumbing and electric work.

4. As stated in contract, we paid another 20% upon start of Walls, and Flooring, at this stage 95% of the total project

cost has already been collected by Crescent [By last week of June], till this day, Crescent was fine and progressing very

well. Btw, walls and flooring work never started after they collected this portion of 20%.

5. Immediately after they collected 95% of the total project cost, Crescent has told us we have some issue putting spiral

stair case, we can Not sprial stair case as showin in Architect drawing and we have to move location, so we need to talk to

Architect, get updated drawing and resubmit it to the township [This has added additional 4 weeks to the project, whole

July]. During this time frame, we have requested Crescent to start other work but instead of resuming work, . Crescent came up

with first surprise for us, extra cost which we have never imagined before, there was no communication on items described in

email from Crescent/Sam/Bill, we were completely unaware, never discussed anything before, Crescent emailed us that we need

to pay approximately $13, 000 for extras which was never communicated before nor discussed with us[home owners].

We kept calling/sending emails to Crescent about starting other work because this project is very big, there was no response

from Crescent. We have to send daily requests to Crescent to do progress meetings, Crescent never took it seriously, after a

series of requests, Bill and Sam arranged to discuss progress [some time in first week of August], but they were always

pushing for money all the time, never discussed future progress of the project and never care to guide us or tell us when

this project is going to be finished.


We had no option other then agreeing to pay extra cost, so we agreed to pay $7000 [By second week of August], and Crescent

did agree/compromise on this number as per email from Sam in second week of August.


After we paid $7000 as described in number 6 above [by 2nd week of Aug], we requested Crescent to resume work. As per

Crescent, they have to get back to sub contractors and get the dates from them and let us know, we lost 2 weeks just because

subs were not available, Crescent send us email that Plumber will be available within 2 days, plumber came did some work for

few hours here and there, lot of days have been wasted by Crescent to respond to our requests to get back to work.


Upon several requests, Crescent managed to send workers, but only one worker was coming to do the job for few hours.

During work in the foyer, Crescent has determined that we have some issue in the living room, we will have to call our

Architect. We called Architect, and contractors [Sam, Bill from Crescent] on 19th Sep08, We came to conclusion that

sagging beam in living room needed to be replaced with some other additional work required to support stairs in the foyer.

Crescent gave us estimate of $11, 800 which we [home owner and crescent] agreed on $9800. we paid $9800 in advance.

After we paid $9800 full payment in advance, Crescent has started sending workers to start working on this beam work in

living room. During this time period, Sam has sent us an email that Crescent need to order beam, since this is custom order,

it will take some time [Crescent placed an order in second week of October]. Beam has already been delivered on Monday, 20th

Oct, 08. For whatever reason, Crescent has sent us another surprise over week ending 19th Oct'08 - and this time Extra costs

for which nobody in the world can dream other than Crescent, email had an attachment with all variety of extra costs,

attachement is printed and I will be sending in mail. It has new additional costs for extras mentioned in 6 and 8 above,

(which are already negotiated and paid in full in advance). It also contains some costs that does Not even make sense, costs

he mentioned is completely illegitimate. Its very clear that Crescent is just taking an advantage our situation [visitors

from home country, small kids at home]. He also mentioned about vacating house which is not possible, we have a big house

and so far we have managed in extra rooms. Crescent allowed us to manage before when demolition was going on and now when

demolition is already done, whole framing is done, they are asking us to vacate the house which is not fair at all, Crescent

just wants some extra illegitimate money from us.

9. We have tried our best to bring back Crescent to work, but we could not succeed. We desperately need help to resolve this

issue as soon as possible as we can not sleep because of continuous harrasments by Crescent, and we have lost lot during last

4 months because of Crescent. The amount we paid [95% of total project cost, plus 100% of all extrax mentioned in 6 and 8

above] is Not matching to the amount of work done by Crescent [hardly 55% of the work is finished.]

10. I will be sending all documents in order

Offender: crecent design and contruction
Country: USA   State: New Jersey   City: Morristown

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