John Brice Cabinets
John Brice A blind squirrel could build a better cabinet, this man does not know the meaning of quality,craftmanship or honesty

When My husband and I decided to build a new vacation home we wanted to use local a business.
The contractor we choose stated he only uses this individule as his cabinetmaker, John Brice and had John show us his products, such as cabinets,countertops and hardware.

We drew up the plans for the kitchen,bath and laundry room and went over them with John Brice. We thought we were very clear about the color, which was a basic solid white on all cabinets and was very clear no cabinets on the wall as we need a handicap kitchen and bath.

John Brice was very adamant that he wanted to do our cabinets like he did all his other cabinets, which was too rustic for our taste and wood grain showing. We were very clear no cabinets on the walls-solid white on all cabinets and doors, Three drawers in a row in the kitchen and in the bathroon vainity.

The kitchen countertop opening for the sink had to be cut by the manufacturer because of the type of product it was, He cut it out and ruined it, the kitchen sink does not fit it and looks like a blind squirrel chewed out the hole. All of the cabinets are white washed with a rough rustic finish, the wood grain showing through.

There are no drawers in the bathroom vainity nor in the kitchen, there are cabinets on the wall in the kitchen over the stove where the microwave is to be installed. There were to be ajustable shelves in the lower cabinets he put one hole for one shelf, the corner cabinet has a shelf that is cut in two so that if you put anything on it the shelf will fall.

John insists the kitchen sink fits great and when the faucet is installed they just need to support the faucets with a board underneath. When you put the sink in the opening you can see the bottom of the cabinets. John was the one who told us the manufacturer had to cut the opening because of the type of product it was and he ruined it.

The contractor says John Brice is not part of his business, when in fact he contacted John and we were under the impression he was part of the contractors crew as we never solicit him in the first palce. We were never told we had to hire the subcontractors ourselves as we would have gone to another cabinetmaker we knew and the contractor told us that John was the only one he used.

We told the main contractor he was to fire John Brice in January and he said he could not as John was a good friend and that if we let John finish he would have John make us new cabinets down the road at a discount.

The home is now four months behind schedule and we need cabinets to get an occupancy permit and we have to pay for cabinets we keep telling him are not right, we dont want them and they
look like h**l.

John Brice's work is the worst I've ever seen, there are no words to decribe the bad quality of product he produces. He shows no skill of using a power tool correctly and I would never recommend him for anything, not even to build a bird house. He is very limited as far as imagination goes he has no vision other than his little world of outback and rustic.

Offender: John Brice Cabinets
Country: USA   State: Wisconsin   City: Greenleaf
Address: 986 Mill Road
Phone: 9205324154
Site: John Brice Cabinets

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