Best Buy/Best Buy stores
won't honor the 30 day price match

Bought a computer acessory for $119.95 plus tax and I paid CASH not credit card .

29 days later I see an ad from Fry's Stores and they have the identical acessory for $79.95.

The next day I called a nice lady in customer service to ask whether I can go to a Best Buy closer to me to go in and get my $40 difference...yes she said..just bring the Fry's ad and your cash register receipt.

That afternoon I went into the Tustin store of Best Buy and the "Customer Specialist" (that's what was on his name tag) said (after 10 minutes of explaining TWICE) that he would "check on it".

5 minutes later he comes back..."I need your phone number" he says. I say no. He then goes somewhere he wants my driver write down the DL number...that was a big NO!

I ask for the store supervisor. Guy appears 10 minutes later...(NO name tag) in a Best Buy shirt. I ask and he says he is the "Operations Manager...the store manager is not in" (at 4:30 in the afternoon????)

I got nowhere with this clown who also demanded my drivers liscense...I told him he had neither a gun or a badge...I tore the ad and receipt up and left it at the counter.

Actually the three times I ever went into B.B. it seemed that all the sales people were EX used car salespeople. Very Pushy and follow you around. FAIL...never again will I darken B.B. 's door...there are too many similar stores and at lesser prices for the same item.

Offender: Best Buy/Best Buy stores
Country: USA   State: California   City: Orange County

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