AV Protection 2011
Virus Posing as antivirus software


when i logged onto my computer this morning there appeared to be some new antivirus program running all on it's own. This virus or spyware or whatever this is merely pretends to be antivirus software, It calls itself "AntiVirus Protection 2011" but it will not let you uninstall it or stop it or take it off the hard drive. And the computer is now doing things that clearly say it is infected now, but the only option that the continually runnning "AV Protection 2011" application is giving me is to purchase it for fifty something dollars with a credit card online?!?!?!?? no thanks... this is exactly the kind of antivirus software I DON'T NEED!!! does anybody have any solutions that won't break the bank and don't involve me tossing my laptop out a second story window? Windows security alerts keep popping up saying that the firewall is blocking program, , but it is not taking these things off? HELP PLEASE!!!

Offender: AV Protection 2011
Country: USA   State: All USA

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