Dell hates customers!

Dell shipped me a computer, and as it turned out, it had a bad sound card. Tried calling customer support, and with one exception, the so-called "techs" repeated the same thinhgs that I had already done, trying to "prove" that it was a software fault. The one exception was reverting the computer to original, wiping out everything I had done to set it up. Along the line, I was transferred several times, and hung up on once.

I have a stutter, and the people on the other end couldn't speak American well enough to understand me well, and they spent considerable energy shushing me while they repeated my efforts, to no avail.

On top of that, before the computer even arrived, I received a call from them, at 9:40PM, to confirm something or other. Being concerned, I hammered Google until I managed to make contact with a human at Dell, and was eventually transferred to someone who could pretty much understand me. He claimed that the late-night caller wasn't from Dell, but not to worry, Dell's security was so good that no one could have gotten information from them(?!? If that's the case, why did they use Dell's name and have the last four digits of my credit card, and know that the order involved a computer?). That person said that his assistant would call me the following day, which never happened.

I'll make them fix this crap under warranty, because aside from the sound card, it's a good system, but I'll think twice about ordering from them again. 'Tain't worth the grief.

Country: USA   State: All USA

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