Geek Squad Best Buy

I previously wrote regarding UBS ports not working and taking it to Best Buy, Geek Squad for service, where thought I was informed didn't have Black Tie. (I called the company to be told the most hardware is safe or the first year, but after that, expensive so they wouldn't renew it.)

Went to pick computer up to be told "the UBS ports aren't working". I told them that is why I brought it in, but the "agent" -when bringing it in-said it was a virus which was the reason 2 of the 3 ports weren't working. He said they would do checking and had me sign a paper they weren't responsible if I lost all data, or I could pay to have it all backed-up. I signed the paper and he said, "it probably won't delete all information, but that is just in case."

When I returned to pick the computer up informed the ports weren't working, "they clean it all up and even put Microsoft Security Essentials on it"! (It was already on it when I brought it in.). When I told him-the Manager who was helping me "with 30 years experience", about the company not offering me a renewal on the Black tie, "because the first year there is rare the hardware breaks, but the second year would not be cost-effective to purchase it due to the price increase, I was first told I was lying, and then said, "it's your fault, you should have purchased a two year instead of a one year warranty." It went down hill from there not listening to me, yelling at me. I finally asked for the computer, after again telling me they didn't really check the USB ports, but would do that and would wipe out all my information. I again told him the "agent" told me they were going to do it, and assumed it had been done, and he said, "there are no notes to that".

I told him I would be forwarding a complain to the Consumers Complain, and his response? "I could care less!"

Offender: Geek Squad Best Buy
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Flint

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