Bebop Technology
SCAM by Bebop Technology (Bruce K. Long Fraud)

I pity myself for falling for Bebop Technology and Bruce K. Long's scam. I've been reading horror stories about this company ever since I experienced my buyer's remorse of this fraud and I've unearthed complaints by dozens of customers and investors about this company.

To talk about my own experience, Bebop absolutely destroyed me and my company by selling me a tool that didn't even do everything that it was promised to do. Bebop Technology and its' owner Bruce K. Long sell software solutions that are supposed to be cloud based and are meant to assist content creators in their post production needs. Now there are many softwares in the market that do the same thing but Bruce K. Long and Bebop (on their website) claim that their solutions are customised.

To tell you the truth, there was nothing custom about their "Solutions". Their "solutions" was a simple subscription to Adobe Creative Suite which I could have purchased myself for 1/10th the cost that I ended up paying these guys. I was told that more tools would be added but nothing has been added even after 16 months of the initial purchase and the company does not answer my calls or emails.

I am not the only one to be scammed like this, a quick internet search throws up lots of other innocent customers who have been robbed similarly.

Bruce K. Long and Bebop Technology need to be punished. Please don't buy from these scammers!

Offender: Bebop Technology
Country: USA   State: California   County: Los Angeles   City: Los Angeles   Zip: 91436
Address: 16255 Ventura Blvd. Suite 205
Phone: 0018444257977

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