theft of refund

on the 1st of feb i ordered a program online from tweakbit that was supposed to clean up my computer

what i got was a program that went through my computer (remotely) and showed me everything that needed to be cleaned up

i was then transferred to a "senior" technician, who tried to sell me the actual product to clean my computer for $245

within an hour i had bought and canceled the order, my money was refunded a few days later

on the 5th of feb, a charge of 29.95 was made by avangate to my bank

i called and told them i didn't buy anything and wanted a refund, i was told i would get a refund

i never got refunded, the date of the refund is the 5th, but this is the date the money was charged to my account

since then all my calls have told me the same thing, that i have been sent a refund

i was emailed a statement to show that the refund had in fact been sent to my bank

what i got was an invoice for 29.95, the word refund doesn't appear anywhere on the page

i called again to say the statement doesn't say it's a refund, i was told because the 29.95 has a minus in front of that this shows it's a refund.

a invoice is a receipt for a purchase... it is not a refund

waiting a few more days to see if it was refunded i called again and was told to contact my bank, that the money may be on hold

this is ridiculous, it has nothing to do with my bank and i said so

i was told the refund was sent and they could send me an email as proof

i told them that i had the email already, and that the money was not in my account

i was told that according to them a refund was sent and i should contact my bank, that sometimes the bank puts the money on hold

i said, my bank would never refuse money sent to them, and that it wasn't in my account

i was told the refund had been sent and that i should contact the bank

i said, but the money's not in my acount,what if contacting the bank doesn't work? i was told i wouldn't have to call them back and that the refund had been sent by them and to contact my bank

i canceled my card when the bogus charge came up over a week ago, and have now filed a claim

i think tweakbit is also a questionable company, and avangate certainly is

Offender: avangate
Country: USA   State: California

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