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I have used Cisco equipment and own several items today. I purchased a new Motorola 6121 modem and a Linksys EA6700. I think it was one of the first out as Amazon had it on their site and referred me directly to Linksys. I bought this router for about $212.00. Since the day I bought it I have had every different type of problem listed anywhere. I found several answers on your site and spoke to a chat person one time concerning the router and the WAP300n. I have had the whole thing up and running at times. With the extender I was able to reach the lower level of my SMALL townhouse. I have had Comcast out and they replaced the buried cable just incase but found no problems. We checked the speed together and at the modem I was getting 50kbps. The same check on the wireless was about 30. That worked fine, but on and off for a while. I have rebooted the modem & router so many times I can do it in the dark. I have replaced, router, modem, most every single cable, setup the router automatically, manually. I have found that if I re-set it with the button on the back it sometimes doesn’t completely reset. It will have remnants left over when I do the new set-up. Every so often when everything seems to slow down I check the speed and most often the numbers are upside down. I mean the download is about 4 or 5 and the upload is 10. This is sort of a regular occurrence. One of the main reasons I bought Linksys was the way the techs respond to people when they complain on the internet. We need this service to be up and running because my wife works out of the house and uses it for some of her work. I am usually at home and need to be on stand by so I can help her when the service is out. I have decided that the problem is mostly wireless but not strictly. I mentioned the speed slows on both when it goofs up. We run one laptop in the same room as the router on wireless and about 10 feet away sometimes you can’t use wireless and sometimes you can. We have a frame building with vinyl siding. It is a small building no concrete walls or metal studs. I only have this one area in the lower level that needed help to get a signal. I had a D-Link DIR 655 previous to this one and just hooked it up to the same set-up and it worked well. It is not as fast as the Linksys and I wanted the usb 3.0 port in the router. I AM BEGGING YOU FOR AN EXCHANGE. I AM STILL IN WARRANTY. I have spent so many hours goofing around with this unit that I couldn’t explain everything I have done in a chat. I did register when I bought it and bought it directly from you. I thought it was worked out several times but eventually lost connections again. It is stable when working. I mounted it on a wall about a foot below the ceiling to be sure to keep it cool. Please replace this unit for me as I think that it may act like it is working and be sent back to me only to have the same things start all over. I thought I was buying one of the best available routers on the retail market. This one must be defective. I would appreciate your help!! This is very frustrating when I consider this an expensive retail item. I thought my system was going to be the best “on the block”. My neighbors don’t have any problems with their Comcast either. Thanks. BOUGHT FROM THE LINKSYS STORE
EA6700 s/n 13710604310797 can someone give me some answers? It seems that all I get when I get an email from Linksys is "call us on the phone". Last week I spent 1 hour on hold and was then issued an rma which I have never seen and nobody answers my email concerning it. Not to mention the 5.5 hours on chat with different people TO GET THE USELESS RMA. RR01268087 NO REPLY TO NUMEROUS EMAIL TO RMA@LINKSYS.COM

Offender: Cisco Linksys
Country: USA   State: All USA

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