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So far I have had the worst experience with Fry Electronics and this is no small petty issue, it borderlines illegal. I purchased a $1 650.00 high-end custom build computer for my studies overseas. Upon its arrival I was met with a number of serious issues, all software installation disks were MISSING, the extra data cables that came with the products MISSING, thermal compound I purchased MISSING, immediately after booting it up for the first time the machine overheated due to the cooling unit and fans installed incorrectly, upon internal inspection data cables were broken (and not replaced) during Fry Electronics build process.

At present, the manager Mr L. Hill ,Plano, TX Branch whom I was in contact with pre order is now non responsive to my complaints/quarries and he is indirectly forcing me to purchase another new Microsoft disk at $140.00 because they never supplied mine and I am out the country.

I am not sure what this companies daily quota per customer is, but for me to spend that amount of money and them deliver such a product is disgraceful this is blatant theft.

Offender: Fry's Electronics
Country: USA   State: All USA

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