Incompatibility between Office for Windows and Office for Mac - Microsoft Office: Mac 2011

On November 27th I purchased office for Mac 2011 in a ITown store in Goiania - Brazil (I also purchased a MacBook Air). After instlling the software and working with ot for less than 3 weeks, I realized that the Office I bought is not the same as the one I was used to when working with Windows. There are many differences in Excel and Outllok, mainly, which made me be very dissatisfied with your sotware.
I went to the store and asked to refund the money (as they do not sell office for Windows) and they denied my request. Today I called Microsoft support in Brazil to request to return the license for the Mac Office I have for a license of Office for Windows (due to the incompatibility of your software - differnece between Mac and Windows version - I want to format my MacBook and install Windows and office) and exchange it for a license of Office for Windows, I was told by an employee of Microsoft by the name of ADRIANO ALBERTO DE ASSIS that this is not possible. Practically I felt that Microsit does not care about custoer satisfaction or stands by its products.
By the way, I searched the internet and there is a large number of people dissatisfied with the Office for Mac. Who would imagine that Microsoft would sell two Office software and they both be different? Since there was no warning on the box, I expected the same software (Office) I was used to when working with Windows.
In short, I simply ask that Microsoft stands by its porducts, show a bit of emplathy with its customers and exchange the software Office for Mac that I have for a license of Office for Windows and was very surprised to hear form the Microsoft employee, practically, that they simply don't care, after the customer already paid.

Offender: Enegen
Country: USA   State: All USA

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