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Re: Rude CSR named "Chantal"

My husband has an appointment today (October 25, 2013) at 2:50 pm, and asked me to give him a ride and accompany him to Apple store at Richmond Centre (6551 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC, V6Y 2B6) with tel. no. 604-248-3940 and fax No. 604-248-3941. My husband and I arrived at 3:09 pm, and I am aware and my husband that we are late from the appointment of 2:50 pm. It is raining today and it's really hard to find a parking at Richmond Centre and when we arrived I was trying to explain the reason why we are late. I am very devastated as the lady name "Chantal" keep shutting me off and not even letting me finish my explanation. I got really upset and I told her that why last time I came on time and I was been seen by the specialist after 30 minutes and if the Customer who gives you business is late , you will treat them like this.. The thing that I don't really like when she made a remarks that ' It's like when you are having an appointment with Doctor, if you miss your appointment you miss the chance to see the Doctor". I was so shocked on what she said as I felt she referred those statements as I am wearing scrub.. FYI, if the patients is late for few minutes or half an hour, the doctor still see the patients, however they explain that THEY SHOULD NOT DO THIS NEXT TIME!.. plus, Apple is not a hospital or medical place, I don't think it is acceptable that a person should verbalize this to the customer, as I used to work as CSR before I got the job in the hospital, and I learned that no matter how bad the customer is (Which I am not that time...I am just trying to explain why we are late), the CSR should treat them nice and not to be "RUDE" and if they can't handle the situation they should refer it to the manager. I am really devastated as this will reflect a big impact on your apple Store. A CSR should not be a CSR if they don't know how to be nice and patient with their customers. Good thing, the manager (Kevin Chan), helped as and understand the situation after I brought up my concern. He even gave us Mr. AJ Chang to helped us about our problems regarding my husband's phone. I am very please with their professional attitude towards the customers. You don't made a mistakes hiring a manager and specialist like them. They should make a recognition for a wonderful solution they made in order to solve the problems. Kevin made a decision based on what is supposed to do as a manager and AJ helped us and explain properly to us why the cellphone is acting that way. I wrote this letter and asking for an action regarding this lady "Chantal" . If she have an attitude problems she should not work in a business like yours. I am not asking her to get fired or anything. I am requesting that she must attend a seminar on how to deal with the customer properly before exposing her to the business as this will make a big "BAD" impact to your business. I am requesting that you will make an action to correct this problem..


Mrs. Duya

5131 Garden City Road

Richmond, BC, V6X4J1

Offender: The Apple Store
Country: USA   State: All USA

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