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I had ordered a "No Geek Required" Wireless N Router NGNHWI-2AN3 router for $19.98 including shipping, on 3/27/11, which should have been a really good price for a 300 N router. Paid via paypal, they got their money right away, and they sent me an email saying my order was confirmed. I never received an email saying it had shipped, though, so on 4/3 I sent them an email asking why it hadn't been shipped. On 4/4 they replied that I should get an email with the shipping info within 24 hours. Later that same day, I got an email saying it shipped and giving a tracking number for UPS. I checked it on UPS's site, and it didn't exist which is not unusual when you check right away. 3 days later, though, the tracking number STILL did not exist in UPS's site, and it should have shown up by then. I emailed sales again. They replied that they were looking into it and would re-input the information for UPS (huh? UPS scans the information when they get the package...). Now, 12 days after the package supposedly shipped, UPS still does not have the tracking number in their system and Sales is not responding. It obviously never shipped :( I have opened a dispute with paypal.

Offender: Daily Steals/No Geek Required router
Country: USA   State: New York   City: Brooklyn
Site: dailysteals.com

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