Hello, I’m a very satisfied customer who has made a purchase from MackTak Mart recently. I’m just writing because I’ve been so pleased with their services. I found their webpage while searching for prom dresses for my daughter’s high school senior prom. Before going to their on-line store, I had found many others that offered these gowns at extravagant prices. I knew that evening gowns were generally expensive, but I had no idea they were such high prices. When I found MackTak Mart, I was very relieved. They had many beautiful dresses for all types of events, even ones that would have fit a person of my age. They were mostly lower in price than the other places I had gone to. I ended up going to their secret sales section just to see if I would find something just as nice as the other gowns on the website. It was so easy to find too. I was happy to find that the “secret sale” was linked in such bright colors since I usually have such trouble using websites. I’m still not too great on the computer, you see. There were many beautiful designer dresses for sale. I was so surprised that I could get them for such steep discounts! On top of that, they even offered free second-day shipping, shoes, and accessories. They had many risqué dresses, which might fit some people’s tastes, but I was looking for one with better coverage. I’m glad I was able to find a few that were so creative and beautiful. My daughter even came to really like one of these selections of mine. I felt more comfortable calling customer service to purchase the dress. I was afraid it would be too troublesome for them, but they were happy to help me. They were very pleasant on the phone and very warm. They took care of me and answered all my questions very openly. They explained everything to me very thoroughly and everything. They also helped me find the fitting chart on the webpage for the dress my daughter wanted just to make sure we would be getting the right size. I really have not been able to find such great customer service elsewhere. I didn’t mind too much having to pay for the separate shipping of the shoes because of the great deal already. This made things so much easier for me and for my daughter. When we got the dress the same week, it was so much nicer to see in person! It was very gorgeous all around. The quality was high-end, just like a designer dress should be. Everything fit my daughter comfortably and wonderfully. Thank God prom shopping didn’t become too much of the headache I had expected it to be. I had gone through a few stores where I live, but I couldn’t find any dresses as gorgeous as the ones MackTak Mart had. I just wished I lived in New York or Boston where their stores are located. I’m sure their sales people would have been just as generous from some great reviews I’ve read on the website. I was very impressed to find out that their headquarters are located in New York City. I hear that it’s quite the fashion capital. Thank you so very much, MackTak Mart. For the next big event, I’ll be sure to give you my business again.

Country: USA   State: New York   City: NYC

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