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Ripping people off!

Warning: Car Care Center on Broadway, Texas is RIPPING PEOPLE OFF!

Car Care Center Complaint

My 2001 Chevrolet Suburban would not drive over 40 mph. I dropped it off at Car Care Center and spoke to Dean. He said he could fix it and it would be ready later that day. Quoted me $550 to fix the car.

I agreed to this. Since Care Car Center claimed to be AAA and ASE certified as well as BBB members. The logos are on the card he hands out. I rented a car at Enterprise to drive back to the beach house.

Called Dean later in the day and he had not fixed the car yet.

5/26/06: Called Dean and he stated it would be Tuesday before he could get the part needed from a dealership in Houston. He stated he did not trust Sand Dollar Chevrolet in Galveston, so he drove to Houston to get parts. He did not tell me where he bought his parts in Houston. I assumed a dealership, but am doubtful of that now. We drove the rental car back to Houston to pick up our other car and went back to Galveston. Returned the 1st rental car in Galveston.

5/29/06: I missed work and stayed in Galveston to wait for the car to be repaired. I waited until 5pm. Dean stated it was still not fixed. The part he tried blew up and he would have to get another part from Houston.

I rented another car in Galveston so I could go back to Houston and work.

For the next week, I called Dean at Car Care Center twice a day to inquire about the status of the car. Every time I called, he gave me another excuse as to why it was not fixed. He never asked for authorization for anything except the initial $550 to fix the car. Let me reiterate...he NEVER called me. I was always the one to call him and inquire about my vehicle. . I NEVER signed anything authorizing him to replace all these parts he charged me for. In fact, I never signed any release for him to replace ANYTHING on the vehicle.

6/9/06: He finally admitted he could not fix the car and said he would tow it to Sand Dollar Chevrolet (which he stated earlier he did not trust). I called Sand Dollar Chevrolet and told them the problems I was having and asked them to be on the lookout for my car. Later that day, I called the dealership and they informed me they never received the car from Car Care Center.

I contacted the BBB and ASE (which he claims in his ad and his business card to be a member). He was revoked from the

BBB for unresolved complaints and never certified by ASE Both agencies

said he should not be using their logo as advertising. He is using false advertising to lure clients to his repair shop (see copy of yellow pages ad and his business card).This company has a history of not repairing vehicles and holding vehicles hostage until you pay him anyway.

6/12/06: I called Dean and he stated his "boss" and "owner" of the shop needed payment or he would not release the car to the

Chevrolet dealership. He faxed me an invoice for $1700. I called him and demanded to see the parts he supposedly replaced. He then resent a fax and demanded payment of $2416.16. I am unsure why all of a sudden he raised the bill, except that he was angry I questioned him about the parts he supposedly replaced. The car was still not fixed and Dean threatened me over the phone if I did not give him a credit card number he would come to Houston and "get me and my family." He also cussed at me several times throughout this whole ordeal.

6/13/06: I called Dean to try to settle the matter and get my car to the dealership to be fixed. He demanded a credit card payment and that I sign a release form. I began calling my friend, a lawyer for advice. He advised me to pay it and "Get my car away from him." My American Express card was charged $2346.16 on 6/13/06 (see attached statement). I did not sign the American Express receipt and signed the release on his invoice and wrote "under protest" under my signature. I was then under the assumption he would release my car immediately.

Dean held my car for 3 days after he charged my American Express (without my knowledge of the charge ) and now demanded payment in cash or a cashiers check. Dean specifically had told me after getting my American Express number he would not accept it and I must bring him cash. He knew it was paid for on my American Express, yet he still held my car hostage for 3 days demanding cash.

6/15/06: I was out of town, so the lawyer sent a cashier's check (copy attached) by courier to Car Care Center to release the vehicle. I called the Galveston Police from out of town and they informed me they could not help since this is a civil matter.

6/16/06: Mac Haik Chevrolet towed the car back to Houston and it was repaired the next day. The repair was covered UNDER WARRANTY. Phil, the technician at Mac Haik Chevrolet also stated the parts he "Supposedly" replaced on my car were not new, yet I was charged for them.

After receiving my car from the Chevrolet dealership in Houston, I realized there were several items stolen from the vehicle while it was at Car Care Center in Galveston:

2 ipod nano's (my sons)

1 ipod stereo converter

1 portable DVD Player

3 set of golf clubs (mine, and 2 sons)

In conclusion, I was charged $2346.16, which was paid by a cashiers check Charged $2346.16 on American Express, Was forced to rent cars ...see American Express bill ($136.40 648.29)

Car Care Center DID NOT repair my car and fraudulently billed me for parts that are not new. Items were also stolen from my car while at Car Care Center.

Their ad in the yellow pages states they are ASE certified, AAA approved, BBB member, and they do warranty work.

The work done to fix my suburban was done under warranty. Car Care Center should have know this and the problem with the car. The public needs to be warned about this crook that is taking advantage of people from out of town. If you check into this company you will find a pattern of ripping people off. I wish someone would have let me know ahead of time.

Company details:

5102 Broadway

Galveston, TX


Owner: Dean Alyousef

Detail of events that took place:

Memorial Day Weekend - 5/25/06

Offender: Car Care Center
Country: USA   State: All USA

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