Chrysler Financial
Terrible employees

I have written many times to make payment arrangements with Chrysler Financial for my vehicle. I have fallen behind due to some financial hardship. They do not answer my emails. I have asked them to call at reasonable hours because I work a night shift and don’t get off work until 0200. They continue to call as early as 0720 and as much as 7-8 times a day. I have asked them not to call my mother, she is the co-signer on this account. I told them she is 83 years old, with a heart condition and other health issues. They continue to ring her house multiple times daily and harass her to the point that I fear for her health. One of the last times someone told her that they do not take a payments over the phone and that she needed to get to Western Union right away and sent a payment. She told them she couldn’t, that she is handicapped and didn’t have a way to get there. The person told her “Too bad, figure it out.” They also told her that if she is too old to drive she had no business co-signing on a vehicle for her daughter.

On or about 9/6/08, I received a call from a woman who advised me that my payment was late. I agreed to make a payment by phone to be taken out on 9/12. (so I guess it’s just something they offer when they feel like it). I gave her my account information, she repeated it back to me. About a week later I got a notice from my bank, she had tried to take the money out of a totally different account. One that they had previously on file but that I had closed quite a while ago. When I found this out, I immediately mailed a payment to them which they have still not posted.

Today, I called to set up a second payment over the phone, trying to get caught up. I was transferred by Mr. Jones to a woman by the name of Miss Gukari. She refused to take a payment over the phone from me??? Her co-worker was going to do it earlier in the month!!! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was transferred to a Mr. Allen. He began the conversation quite civilly but when I told him that due to employee error they had tried to take the money out of a closed account he said “And I suppose you are going to tell me that your payments are late due to employee error also.” I said no. I said I was trying to catch up and wanted to make a second payment today over the phone. He also refused to take my money. He said “would you like the information to go to Western Union today”, I said I couldn’t go today because I work 11 hour shifts and do not get a break long enough to do that, that I would like to make it over the phone. He said “would you like to clean out your car so I can pick it up tomorrow?” All in all, I felt very harassed and belittled by this man. I then asked to speak to his supervisor and was just told “No”. I ended up having to take time off work without pay to go to the Western Union office to send a payment.

To sum up my complaints: Ignoring emails, ignoring regular mail, calling at unreasonable hours, harassing my mom, rudeness, demeaning attitude of employees, ineptness of employees, annoying number of calls per day.

Offender: Chrysler Financial
Country: USA   State: All USA

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