Cherryhill Tripex

This is a copy of a letter I wrote to the owner( This is the worse dealer in 30 years)


Mr. Charles Faulk Sr.

I live in York Pennsylvania and found a 2008 Suzuki SX4 on the internet I

Drove to Cherry Hill Triplex after being told that the Suzuki in question was in perfect condition.

I was not going send this after all these months, but then again why not?

The car was not perfect a dent in the door and the front left tire was bad. I also

was told CarFax was availed but never shown until all paperwork for payment was finished. It show that the car was in accident non towed but recorded.

I disused a few thing with my salesman Tom Collins I asked if I could get the cars price reduced since it was not perfect and I traveled 2 and a half hours to see it. Alex Jones the Sale manger would not discount the car all. That night at I finished some paper work and gave a deposit and drove the car home. The following week I drove down again for fill out the rest of the paperwork.

I was told buy finance officer that the cars motor and drive train was out of warranty.

I had told him he was wrong and he insisted that he was right. So he sold me a warranty for drive train and motor. After finding out it was still covered by Suzuki I call him back

After several attempt to get a hold of him, finally call back. . I said to him that I want refunded asked if he could send a massager to me with the proper paper work. The Finance manager called me back and told me he was wrong and asked me if I would accept a 24k mile 24 month warranty on the car in exchange for the mess up. This was a saving to me of 1100 dollar. I told him I would.

After buying the car I drove car home and washed and waxed it. I’m sure it had never seen wax. I also detail it and found food and a used hair brush and comb under the rear fold down seats.

Then took the car to Sears for new tires. Sear’s told me that they could not get left front tire off and did not want to damage it. So I took the car to Suzuki with four new tires.

York Auto Group found that I had been driving the 2008 SX4 with broken lug nuts on the front left wheel. I drove an unsafe car with my family in for 2000 miles before it was discovered.

The Triplex said they inspect every car. So someone didn’t inspect any thing or broke the cars lugs. York Suzuki dealer fixed the car at 600 dollar at my cost.

I called the Triplex and the only person that would return my calls was the salesman Tom Collins I tired to get a hold of Bill Kopp, I left him several messages he never returned the call. The only way I got to talk to him was by tell the receptionist that I would call back a hundred times and come down there if I had to. She final stayed on the line and got a hold of him. I told Mr Kopp how unhappy I was and what York Auto group found and what I paid and asked him for reimbursement.

After that the service manager called me back. He asked me if I could drive the car back so they could fix it. I said are you crazy. And told him I am had the car fixed here not driving any place. After several back a fourth phone calls the service manage told me that I would get a check for 50 percent. Reluctantly accepted the check.

Now it several days later and lots of phone calls to the dealer again to find out where the paper work and tags were and I could not get a call back from anyone again.

Final, I found out who handle’s the in state tag and taxes. I got a hold of her right away and asked here to give this Rachel the out of state tag and taxes person a message. I left several messages and she never called back. By now the temporary registration is going to run out in 5 days.

I final got a hold of Mr Charlie Kerns and he went to confront her. I was told that tags and the check should arrive in a day or two. So I waited and still nothing. And now the time to get the car inspected is even less. So I talk to the service manger at York Auto Group and he check with the state of Pa and nothing was there. So back on the telephone again with anyone that I could get to listen at the Triplex. Mr Kerns gave me a number of the Notary and I call him. Now it’s Thursday and the temporary registration runs out on Sunday. The Notary told me that he had been leaving messages and even faxed Rachel and that she failed to send over proper paper work for proof of insurance. He told me that he could have it for me on Monday since I faxed him what he need.

I said I can’t wait till Monday and he asked me if I wanted to come get it.

So I had to take a unpaid day off from work to drive the car back down to Philadelphia notary because Rachel the out of state tags person at the Cherry hill triplex did not send proof of insurance to the notary I drove down on Feb 25. The car was bought on Jan 31 and the Notary did not get anything until Feb 17.

On the way down the car’s ABS, EPS and all wheel drive lights started to flash.

I called the Service department I was told to bring the car right in. I was told that the right wheel bearing and sensor was bad. I was told by the service department that they did not have the sensor. Mr Alex Jones asked me if I could bring the car back down on Tuesday. I said that that’s not going to going to happen. I asked to leave it and have a loaner. He told me that he can’t do that. So I was provided with a rental car after complaining. I was told that I would get the car back on the next day. I asked Alex if he could see that the spare key that I had to buy for 180 dollars programmed for free for all my trouble. He told me not.

I was provided with a rental and was told that they would get the part on Saturday .I called Tom the service guy I was ask if Alex called me and if I was told that the part is not covered warranty. Alex never called. So back on the telephone again with Alex

The warranty covered everything but the sensor. I was charge full price for the sensor

Or. I told tom that I could of bough the sensor from York Auto Group over the counter for $110.00 I was told that Cherryhilll Suzuki was selling it to me at cost. I doubt it since that was the price across the counter form York Auto Group.

I asked Tom the service guy “Could I get the spare key programmed.” He said he would gladly do it for free for my trouble if he knew about it ahead of time.

While I was down the I asked for Bill Kobb and he never got back to me. I was told from an employee I will not mention that he left the building after I called.

I drove the car home and now its at York Auto Group for inspection were I was told that the rear brakes would pass this time but not the next.

I have never been so dissatisfied with a dealership in 30 years of buying cars.

The lies and the overall dishonesty, I feel bad for the very good service department cleaning up other mess. Alex Joes never so much as acknowledge me the day I came back for my car. And now I found out that the only person that cared about making me happy was fired. Tom Bezulis

Alignment 79.95

Wheel suds, bearings, hub labor 627.50

Rear wiper for inspection 15.73

Pa inspection 21.95

Pa emission 42.95

Programmable key 182.22

Key programming 89.95

Rear Brakes 79.95

Rear Brake labor 179.95

Front hub no charge

Front Bearing no charge

Sensor 110.00

Labor 73.50

Not to mention tires, my time off of work, gas, and personal time with my family.

Offender: Cherryhill Tripex
Country: USA   State: New Jersey

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