General Motors
Defect-2003 Sierra truck FIRE. please contact me if you have had this problem.

i was driving home from work on june 28th. a lady behind me flagged me down to tell me my truck was smoking. i got out of my truck to see and in the area between the cab and the bed i could see a small fire. i reached in the cab to turn off the truck and to grab my bag. as i was getting out the flames flared up over the cab. a man had stopped and happend to have a cooler of water and doused the fire.

my mechanic looked at the truck and could not find a reason why it caught on fire. it burned the wiring and the fuel line and all of this was happening on top of the fuel tank.

for those wondering, the exhaust system is on the other side so this was not a factor in the cause of the fire
there are no recalls on this truck(except for an aftermarket fuel filter which does not apply to me).

i think general motors has a big problem on their hand with this. i dont know if i am the only one this has happend to but if i am, there may be more out there who are not so lucky to get out before the truck explodes. i would like to know if anyone else has had this problem with their truck and what the outcome was to see if GM is at fault and what action i should take next

Offender: General Motors
Country: USA   State: Michigan   City: Detroit

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