United Airlines
Poor customer service & discrimination

I arrived in the Ohio international airport traveling from vacation cancan ..at around 4:30pm.. My connecting flight was to leave at 7:50 pm... Their was an annocement that my flight would be delayed until 9:00 .. W/ no explanation as to why .. Because it was just a little over an hour I was ok with that time frame .. However than another annocement was made that it was moved 11pm and possibly will no go out tonight .. Well at that time I got in the customer service line to inquire as to what was going on & now as I was due to the weather.. I thought what weather ?? Mind u this was after Waiting in line for an hour .. I was treated rude and disrespectly.. I was then told their are no more room for flights until 4 :00 pm tommrrow .. And this would not be a direct flight back to Boston. Like the one I originally was waiting for .. So I would need to connect in jersey and not get home till 8 pm .. This is all with no compensation for me because of the weather .. They didn't offer be a food voucher said I was not eligible . They only offered me 50 percent off a hotel and security for when I got upset .. Now not only do I have to check in to the airport again .. I start another day of travel missing work and other important engagements because if this poor customer service from this airline. .. When I asked to be put on a flight early this morning I was told their were none.. So just picture this if I had no money for a hotel .. I would still be sitting in the airport for at least 24 hrs and then another airport for 4 more hours before arriving home on united airlines .. Due to the weather !!! And very poor customers service .. I believe not only was I judged because I am a african American young man .. Because instead of talking to me they called security .. Please help

Offender: United Airlines
Country: USA   State: Massachusetts

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