CHEVROLET the ripoff business that doesnt give a dam

BILL HEARD CHEVROLET UNION CITY ripoff mistreated and ripped off false promises the business that doesnt give a dam UNION CITY Georgia .....

This letter is in regards to Bill Heard Chevrolet Of Union City fraudulent practices and predatory lending. I am a hard working mother of two and the way I have been treated by Bill Heard and its employees Steve Johnston (General Manager) and Joseph Johnson (Finance Director) is unconscionable and stressful.

I purchased a 2003 Trailblazer from Bill Heard Chevrolet on December 20, 2003. My father was to co sign on the vehicle and instead of having me on the contract they put the vehicle in my fathers name only because with his credit they were able to get instant approval and a low interest rate. Well, to make a long story short the finance company that Bill Heard had utilized was Huntington Bank.

The bank is no longer doing business with Bill Heard Chevrolet because of several bad deals and when the finance company inquired into my vehicle the dealership purchased the contract back. The financed amount of the trailblazer was $30,341.10 and the dealership paid off $29,139.54. I have paid a total of $2,726.45, that is 5 payments for $545.29 which has my payments paid until June 3, 2003.

In addition, I have installed automatic start and keyless on this vehicle at the cost of $400.00. Now the dealership wants to come and repossess the vehicle without even trying to get me financed. Also, they have stated that none of my money will be returned to me. I cannot believe that I have invested this type of money into this vehicle and Im supposed to walk away from this without anything. The dealership and its employees Steve Johnston (General Manager) and Joseph Johnson (Finance Director) act as if they have no plausibility in this matter. It is as if the consumer does not matter all that matters to Bill Heard Chevrolet is the bottom line. What Bill Heard needs to realize that without the consumers they would have no bottom line at all and the way they treat consumers is a direct reflection of their fraudulent practices and predatory lending schemes.

Something needs to be done about this, I know I am not the first consumer that has been hood winked, bamboozled and led astray by Bill Heard Chevrolet and you best believe that I wont be the last if something is not done or if they are not made to be held accountable for the misuse and mistreatment of consumers. I would like to thank you in advance for giving me an audience to voice my concerns and make people aware of what Bill Heard is doing to consumers.

Offender: BILL HEARD
Country: USA   State: Georgia   City: UNION CITY
Address: 4310 JONESBORO ROAD
Phone: 7709941311

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