Bill Heard Chevrolet
Liars, the business that doesnt give a dam, they tricked and lied to a 19 year old kid

My 19 year old son was looking for a used truck to buy. One he could afford, and one that was dependable. Him and his friend went out looking, he found a Ford F150 he liked but he wanted his grandfather to check it out first. The saleswoman and a salesman talked with him about it.

They told him if he would sign a piece of paper stating they were driving it out for his grandfather to see, he could take it and show him and if he didn't think it was a good deal, then he could just bring it back and leave it. He agreed and the sales people went with him. His grandfather told him there was no way we could come up with what they wanted down on it. So him and the sales people took it back. When they got back he was going to get in his old truck and come home. They told him he no longer owned it that he had signed papers to buy the 2000 Ford.

He got stuck with the truck and a $373 monthly payment and about $1500 down. Which they had to put on his credit cards, and he didn't have enough to pay that so they did take only what he could put on his cards.

The sales people, one which was a young girl, who they said hadn't work there long and had already sold about 10 vehicles, took advantage of a young boy who has no knowledge of how crooked car dealers are. They out right lied to him about signing the papers.

Needless to say, when I heard what happened I went up there and told them a few things. I let it be known loud and clear that I would never recommend them to anyone. If you want to buy a new or used car from Bill Heard Chevrolet in Collierville, never sign any paper work till you have full read and understand it. I told them that they must send their salesman to a school on lying to the public. This is the only way they can sell a vehicle.

All car dealer salesman and saleswoman tell you one thing, because that is what you want to hear. When in reality they do it the way that they will make the most money. After all they get a big commission on everything they sell. But when you out right lie to a kid who knows no better, that is despicable.

I hope that anyone who buys a car from them watches out for all their lies. I sincerely hope that some day a consumer can turn the tables on them. Let them see what it is like to be lied to and taken advantage of.

We know longer have that truck, we found someone who would take it and pay it off and give him something he could afford. They so far haven't taken advantage of him like BILL HEARD CHEVROLET IN COLLIERVILLE.

The other thing about this place is that they never check to see if he was employed. He was, but he hadn't been working there very long at the time. All these people were worried about was selling a vehicle. I am sure the young girl got a nice commission and the man that was helping her got a nice commission also.

I will keep spreading the word to everone I know and see that they don't want to do business with Bill Heard. I know that no one else has filed a complaint on here against them, but that maybe because they don't know about it. But there are a whole heck of a lot of reports on all the other Bill Heard Dealerships all over the United States. I hope that someone will be helped by having this put on a bad business rip off report.

Because that is what they are a bad business that rips people off they don't know a lot about buying an automobile. I hope Mr. Heard enjoys using the money that he had ripped off from unsuspecting people. And I hope somewhere someday that these sales people have the exact same thing done to them that they did to my son.

When I find the paperwork with the girls name on it and the man I will update this so that everyone will know what kind of people Bill Heard Chevrolet hires and trains. He needs to train them to be honest and up front with all the customers, after all it is better to make a commission on a vehicle that the customer is pleased with, than to make money on some innocent person who didn't know the salesman all LIE!!

Byhalia, Mississippi

Offender: Bill Heard Chevrolet
Country: USA   State: Tennessee   City: Collierville
Address: 4605 Bailey Station Road
Phone: 9014731000

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