Pep Boys
Ripoff mistreated and ripped off

was 01/02/02 for a tune up on my truck. {complete tune up} which truck ran good until 03/27/03 it was running like it was missing took it back to them. It sat up there for a day they did engine dia. which that was ok until they tell me it has fuel inj problem and to fix it it would cost me 450.00 plus.

in the back of my mind it didn't feel like fuel inj problem. so i didnt let them work on it. I took it to my local dealer which i know it more experance. The mech took me out to my truck and said here is you problem it look like the fourth of july under my hood. the fuel inj are in good shape! so i was pissed {sorry}.

i took it back to pepboys. to get my money back for a engine dia that they were wrong about dia. the service manager chris told me ford was wrong and the only thing they would cover is spark plugs wires because they are life time. no tune up should only last 1 yr and 2 months. i showed him the invoice from ford he said it wrong it is the fuel system. i was treated as a dumb ass. and ford didnt know what was wrong with my truck.

did i tell you all my trucks a ford f 150 . so let everyone know dont take it to this store. i went to ford and bought my parts so i can repair my truck myself. dont trust pepboys in florence or any other stores. I am in the hole for 375.73 plus the part that i had to replace that pep boys parts 77.90 and the engine dia that ford did they didnt charge me fo

Offender: Pep Boys
Country: USA   State: Kentucky   City: Florence
Address: 832 Hieght Blvd
Phone: 8596479977

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