Dan Nelson Finance Super Center (CNAC)
Ripoff, overpriced cars, unwilling to work with you ripoff business from hell

If you are looking to get a used car, do NOT go to Dan Nelson Finance Super Center. They will rip you off, give you terrible customer service, and be totally unwilling to work with you.

I "bought" my car back in mid July of 2002. They sold me a 1992 Buick Regal, in relativly poor condition (though it drove ok during the test drive) for $7600. Overpriced by $2500-3000. Was told that after 12 months in the car, to bring it back, and they would show it as paid off, and they put me into another car from their lot.

They also said that it was sold to me at $7600 because it would look better on my credit when it showed as "paid". Within one month, i took my car into Firestone, and asked for an alignment. They told me that my tie rod ends were bad and needed replaced.

They talked me into doing a full check up on the car. Turns out that my car needed almost $2400 worth of work. The car needed new tie rod ends, a brake job, radiator and transmission flush, new tires (the ones sold on the car were dry rotted), a/c evacuation and recharge, belts, brake rotors, brake system flush and a fuel system tune up.

Now granted some of these things were added just to make money for the auto shop, but this just shows how bad of shape this car was in. The body appears to have been in a hail storm, due to a handfull of pit marks in the body. I even lost control of this car (luckly at a slow slow speed) when i made a right hand turn, and my left rear upper shock mount broke. Shock mounts just dont break.

When the car was sold to me, it was sold to me with two missing left front wheel studs. I had been riding around with 3 of 5 nuts holding my wheel on. The pressure and imballance finally sheared off two more studs, leaving me to drive the car on one stud and nut. So I paid for a tow and to get it fixed. A bill that cost me $181.37.

I can understand puting money into a car for basic maintence, but as you should clearly be able to see, this car was in bad shape when I drove it off the lot. This, in my mind, is neglegence.

Over the course of the first 6 months of having this car, i have also spent $100 in tires. Each tire ended up failing on me, one after another. I saved one of these tires so i can show the guys at Dan Nelson.

I now sit here with that same car, now broken down. A car that will not start. A car with some sort of electrical problem. Please, Please save yourself ALOT of greif, and take your business to a much more respectable dealership. One that has a history of GOOD customer service and customer satisfaction. Dan Nelson is just out to make money, regardless of the cost to its "customers"

I am due to return this car in two months, in july of 2003. And I just know that they will tell me that my credit is still not good enough to find outside financing.

Offender: Dan Nelson Finance Super Center (CNAC)
Country: USA   State: Iowa   City: Des Moines
Address: Hubbell Ave.

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