William Chevrolet Kia
Consumer fraud ripoff Payoff on trade in vehicle still unpaid after 2 months

I purchased a 2003 Kia Sedona from this company, in good faith, from a lifelong friend who sells cars for them. I traded in a 1996 Ford Windstar as part of the deal. This transaction occurred on March 3, 2003. I did everything they asked me to, including wait for almost three weeks to close the deal and process the final paperwork on the vehicle.

After making a down payment of $3,000 on the new vehicle, my creditor on the traded-in vehicle is still hounding me for payments on the old vehicle. I have told them repeatedly that the vehicle has been traded in, and I no longer have it in my possession.

I filed bankruptcy last year, in an effort to clear up my credit record and re-establish myself. During that process, I reaffirmed the debt on this vehicle, because I could not afford to be without a car, due to the nature of my job. I purchased the new car from my friend, because she assured me that I would be able to get credit with that dealership after the discharge of my bankruptcy.

It seems now that getting the credit was not the problem, but it will be a problem clearing up my own credit record as a result of this transaction. I have already paid my first note on my new car. Surely I cannot afford to pay the notes for March, April, and May on the traded vehicle, and I will not try.

I have called Customer Service at William Chevrolet Kia, and spoken to a Bob O'Brien, who told me that my deal has been misfiled. As of 5/15/03, the date of this report, the payoff amount has still not been paid to GE Capital, the creditor on the vehicle I traded. I called just filing this report today, and Mr. O'Brien assured me that he would meet with the Sales Manager and would do all he could to get the check out today.

I am just about convinced that this is not something that happened to me alone. I just want to let other customers of this dealership to know that it's possible, and if they've recently purchased a car from William Chevrolet Kia in Chicago, they should be sure to check with their former creditor to ensure that the payoff on their trade is properly received.

Offender: William Chevrolet Kia
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Chicago
Address: 8650 S. Commercial Ave.
Phone: 7733754508

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