Phoenix Hard Parts
Dishonest & misleading; their web advertising is fraudulant.

I purchased an AXOD transmission from this firm; it had the standard warranty and was advertised as "Dyno Tested". The transmission was received in the fall, but since I live up north and was doing the installation outside, it was not installed until spring.

Not a problem, right? After all, it was stored indoors, "rebuilt" by a "reputable" company, and "Dyno Tested" prior to delivery. WRONG! The transmission is UNUSABLE as delivered. It chatters bad in reverse and first gears, as though the clutch-pack clearances are too great. It misses the shift from first to second.

There is NO WAY this transmission was "tested" after overhaul, at least not by anybody who had a clue what they were doing! With the problems it has, I'd guess it was removed from a junker, degreased and cleaned up, strapped to a shipping pallet, and sold to me.

Frank (the owner) has not returned my e-mails, the web site contact information is hosed up, and even if this company eventually returns my money I'm still out a lot of labor time (especially now that I have to procure a GOOD transmission and change it AGAIN), have lost-vehicle use time, and their advertising remains fraudulant.

If a company states they test their overhauls, they should test them! An overhauled transmission should work properly upon installation. My advise to consumers or shops is Buyer beware. If they cannot be trusted to test as promised, and are quick to sell but unresponsive when problems develop, enough said ... take your business to a REPUTABLE shop - not to this one.

Offender: Phoenix Hard Parts
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Phoenix
Address: 7310 Roosevelt, #26
Phone: 6239365200

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