Seawest Financial
USA Extremely rude people, with Horrible customer service abused & mistreated

When I heard about rip off and searched for Seawest Financial I was not shocked to find their names on your list. My situation is similar to some of the others; I was a first time buyer that got swindled into a bullshit ass deal. Put it like this I'm paying over $10,000 for a 99 Hyundai Accent that has given me problems from day one, which I had to fix on my own because the dealer KHS Autos were crooks and asses who could care less if my car stops.

I was making my payments and LUCKY ME I received in the mail that I was such a good customer that my loan was bought by Seawest Financial! Of course I am thinking this is a good thing, because I have had credit issues in my past. For the first maybe three to four months everything is fine until I had to leave my job due to medical reasons and it took me about two months to get another job. Needless to say my car payment got behind.

I did everything in my power to come to some sort of negotiation with these people, and man that's when the HELL begins! I had one woman YELL at me over the phone like you would not imagine telling me my check was refused by the bank when all the while the money had been in my account waiting the whole month!

So I got stuck with late payments all because they made an error, which someone called me and told me about a month and 1/2 later! This has happened numerous times even when asked the woman or child I should say to transfer me to a manger she still gave me attitude, and as you can probably imagine the manager was just as nasty to me. I just want to pay my car off and end this nightmare!

I guess I have to just suck it up the fact that I am being treated as if I am not a customer, and just deal with their unprofessional attitude! Or do I? Can someone out there give me some advice? I am going to do my part and make sure that the payments are on time so I don't even have to talk to these f#%*^ing losers!!! Feel free anybody thats have endured there shit as well!

Offender: Seawest Financial
Country: USA   State: California   City: Paramount
Address: PO Box 197
Phone: 5626348813

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