Seawest Financial

Well I knew that I was being treated poorly from day one but I had no Idea how bad till my bank started complaining! And from this list of people I was shocked to find out just how common this type of thing is with these no talent ass clowns!

I had a perfect credit record till my car loan was sold to them! since I was doing such a great job on paying! What a reward this was! For being a trustworthy and honest person and paying your stuff on time, here is a nice, little, complimentary monkey wrench that we can put into your spending habits!

I bought a car at a dealership in Georgia. I Took out a loan for $8,000 for a 95 camaro. Now I was a first time buyer and didn't know that 8k was too much but that's besides the point! For 2-3/4 of a year, I paid them $314 a month. I bought it in the year 2001, here it is mid 2003 and I still owe $6,889!!!! Excuse me?!?! Where did my money go?!?!

Oh and by the way Mr. Garcia, Thank you for calling me before my payments are due to let me know that I have a payment coming up soon! It's not like I forgot or anything!! Oh that's right I was too busy starving because I can't afford food because my bank account has been put in the red by you repeatedly and now most of my money goes to my bank just so I can break zero and not be in trouble with my bank! Oh yeah my car needed a new engine recently? where was my warranty at?!? I remember having one do you?!?! Thanks for nothing Asshole!

Offender: Seawest Financial
Country: USA   State: California   City: Paramount
Address: Alondra Blvd

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