Arcadia Financial
Ltd. ripoff business from hell I

we bought a car from a dealership in knox. tn which financed us thru arcadia. we bought the car in august of 96 and it was a 95 nissan max. we hve been paying 483.86 since then. we hve paid them close to 32 thousand dollars and they say we still owe close to 11 thousand.

we hve tried numerous times to get a settlement amount so we could trade this car and get out from under these blood suckers to no avail the only people u can talk to our the collection idiots.

they call us after 9 at nite they leave messages that are so against the law on our machine they harrass my relatives, we hve stopped paying them till someone with a braincell contacts us we hve gotten an attorney who wrote them a letter which they should hve recieved friday may 9. then their collection department called me and left a message stating he was calling from the forclosure department, i did get a giggle out of that message.

we requested and finally received a amerization paper and it showed we made 20 payments and not one went towards principle it all went to interest they hve charged us anywhere from 15 to 30 dollars a month late fees which contract states no more then 15 dollars.. a reversal of payment whatever that means since noone there can explain anything to u.

they hve ask for my car bck and said oh well ur car is worth 4000 dollars but hate it u still owe 11 thousand.. jeff is no longer wrking for them thankgoodness,but now they hve more idiots to take his place.. Cecar who calls all the time and we returned his phone calls is now saying we didn't call him back. iwill glady talk to everyone willing to get together and file a class action lawsuit against them. their frauldulant finacial practices should be stopped and now noone should hve to go thru the hell we go thru and i now hve my car in my garage for safe keeping.

let me state i hve also contacted the bbb and they hve had numerous complaints on this company as well. so now i feel somewhat better knowing its not just us that this happened to.

Offender: Arcadia Financial
Country: USA   State: Llionois   City: Carol Stream
Phone: 8883509059

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