Financial evil dirt bag ripoff scam

Seawest Financial ripoff, scam, misapplication of payments, harassment, unprofessional behavior. This company took over a car loan I had through CNAC & SCREWED ME. evil dirt bags Columbus Ohio .....

These scum sucking sewer rat wannabe human beings took over a car loan I had through CNAC (J D Byrider/Dan Nelson credit center). I had paid on time through CNAC for a year and a half. I got a letter that stated since I paid so well they were selling my account to this dirtbag scummy frigging place. Immediately there were problems, beginning with payments being posted late because they suffer from Inept Employee Syndrome (IES) and can't find the time in their busy day to POST PAYMENTS. Then I tried to trade the car in on a newer model (one of the promises I was given when I bought the car was, after a year and a half, I could trade up) only to be told that I owed too much still ($6,800 owing still on a '90 Buick Le Sabre, the bastards).

I think they weren't applying payments correctly, it shouldn't still have been that high in my humble opinion. Also the job I had, for a pizza company and for a temp agency, wasn't good enough for the banks (but it was good enough for me to start the damn trap loan) because pizza, even if you're not a delivery driver, implies delivery, and temp jobs imply lack of stability. I HAD BEEN PAYING ON TIME FOR A YEAR AND A HALF AND THEY SUGGEST MY JOBS AREN'T STABLE ENOUGH. CREEPY VILE HOGWASH INGESTING PARASITIC MORONS!!!!

Then this fully inspected vehicle, which had been taken care of well by me, blows a rod. No engine equals no car. I call Seawest and tell them I can't trade the car in and I can't use the car, so I do not want the car. Come get it. "We're not in the business of repossessing cars." No, they're in the business of me honoring a contract that I was lied to so I would sign it. Then they want an over three thousand dollar pay-off settlement, on a car that technically was paid for three times by this point according to its value.

This company, and J D Byrider, is a horrible ripoff.
Thanks for letting me vent.

P.s., to this date I have made no more payments and, without having first sued me and gotten a judgement, they have added this to my credit as a behind account, and have threatened garnishment. The bastards.

Offender: Seawest
Country: USA   State: Ohio   City: Columbus
Address: Columbus, Ohio

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