Clutch Experts
Ripoff code of ethics is to screw anybody possible info from ex-employee , Phoenix, Tempe, Glendale, Mesa, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Awhatukee

Clutch Experts is a company that claims to have a code of ethics. In my opinion, they do. But their code is to screw anybody possible.

They hire employees whom they lie to about what wages they will receive. These employees never receive any money and if they do it's not what they were promised. When an employee quits or is terminated, they cheat them out of their last pay check. As an ex-employee I have made numerous calls to receive monies that I have been owed, and their action is to tell you that they will call the cops.

During my employment I have witnessed: charging for parts that were never installed, charging for work never performed, poorly modifying parts that were installed, not turning flywheels, using old clutches, overcharging customers, etc. When the customers complain, they call the cops. They also claim to hire ASE, ATRA, ASA certified mechanics, which in fact they have none at any location. Any self respecting mechanic quits after one week, tops.

That is when the cheating of the employees begins. They charge for uniforms that were never ordered and are never received. They charge for items never heard of, and basically just screw you over. During my one week employment as probably the only ASE Master Technician ever set foot in their door, I had witnessed 4 mechanics screwed over in the same manner as I have been. When I left they had NO mechanics. They run a full time ad just to keep enough mechanics flowing through the business to keep them alive.

During my one week I have also seen numerous irrate customers. This serves to prove my opinion of their code of ethics: "SCREW EVERYONE". Thank you, Clutch Experts.

Offender: Clutch Experts
Country: USA   State: Arizona   City: Chandler
Address: 571 N. Arizona Ave.
Phone: 4807864477

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