'Certified Quality Inspection' is load of crap

We just bought a 2001 BMW 330ci at CarMax in Schaumburg, IL (April 2003). After driving the car for a week, we noticed a shaking when the brake was applied. Thinking it was just worn brakes, we brought it back to CarMax to have inspected. It turns out that 3 of the 4 wheel rims on the car were bent. While CarMax would order replacements free of charge, the service people told us that its "not recommended to drive". Also, since it would take 5 days to receive the new rims, the best loner car we could get was a Chevy Malibu.

First of all, how does a car which is described by their own technicians as "not recommended to drive" get past their hyped 'Certified Quality Inspection'? Secondly, the best loner-car we were offered was a Chevy Malibu. While a Malibu will get us from point A to point B, I'm very offended that we were offered a $10,000 loner after we just paid you $31,500 for our BMW. (Not to mention we don't get to drive our new car we just bought for 5 days.)

While this experience hasn't cost us an additional penny, this does tarnish my respect for CarMax's "won't sell bad car" image. Furthermore, with the level of customer service I've received with the loner, CarMax obviously don't care to go the extra mile to make sure that a higher-end customer is satisfied.

Offender: CarMax
Country: USA   State: Illinois   City: Schaumburg
Address: 250 East Golf Road
Phone: 8772658097

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