Joseph Towing Service
Ripoff deception

I took my car to this company for a bad transmission. It would smoke badly from overflow of fluid from the dipstick causing fluid to drip on to the exhaust, also shifting was very late.

I was told by the mechanic the transmission may be overfilled and/ or have a clogged filter and it was leaking by the front trans seal. They replaced fluid, filter, front seal and "engine seal", telling me that being they are goin into the engine taht far, it would be a safe and smart thing to replace the engine seal also.

This all cost me almost 500 dollars, so i figure as long as my car runs right, its ok. I get on the highway, and the car is smoking worse than when i brought it in, now leaking fluid when i park.

I took it back to them and they told me I have other leaks. they replaced the right engine head gasket, for what reason, I have no idea cause i have never used not a quart of oil in almost a year I had the car.

Now, they charged me 200$ more for the additional labor of the gasket, oh, and replaced my oil filter (for what I don't know), and told me if I still get smoke, I would need a transmission.

Now my car is shifting worse than before, I am leaking fluid constantly and still if I drive for any length of time the car would smoke up the whole highway.

I took it back and called thier bluff by telling them to replace my transmission, they had my car for almost a week and told me after all this time, they had the wrong transmission for my car and did not charge me anything for this of course.

They then told me to wait and they would find a transmission for my car. After two weeks of not calling me, I went out and bought a transmission from a junk yard with a warranty.

They install this transmission I got without testing it with pressure guages like they were suppost to and the trans was no good. To get my money back I need to bring back the bad transmission I bought and I get my money back.

But the shop added another $225 to my bill and told me to take it out again would be another $225. Why would I spend $225 to get a refund of $200? I asked them for a favor to take it out and I was refused. So now i owe them a ton of money and my car is NOT fixed, its worse than when they started.

I went to the junkyard, they callled and verified that the trans was no good and gave me my money without the return of the bad transmission, great guys!

Finally I found someone who rebuilds transmissions for a living and has his own shop. Being a friend of the family he charged me $600 for a freshly rebuilt transmission with installation and a follow-up check.

I have an outstanding bill with the shop in question for about $500 and I dont feel I should pay, would you? They call me and they tell us we have an outstanding bill of $280??? I would love to know why the bill went down and why they still havent called me telling me they found the correct transmission for my car.

Who would finish paying them? Does anyone see anything wrong here, I sure do.

Offender: Joseph Towing Service
Country: USA   State: Pennsylvania   City: Philadelphia
Address: 2109-11 Marshall Street
Phone: 2157694915

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