Ripped off and scammed won't do as you ask and charge what ever they want

I placed an online order for a pair of Federal Signal GH1 grille lights, and a Federal Signal DS2 dual strobe. The grille lights were $27.75 each, and the DS2 was $85.00, for a total of $140.50. The total weight of these items is around 4.5 lbs. without the packaging. Sirennet quoted me an extraordinary $75.00 to ship these items to Canada by UPS! Apparently this is their standard shipping rate to Canada, regardless of how light the package is.

I called them when placing my order and specifically requested them NOT to ship by UPS, but to use regular parcel post instead. They agreed. A few weeks went by and after calling back several times asking where my items were, they told me they were on backorder and would be shipped soon. A week later, UPS shows up at my door with my package! Then they ask me for ANOTHER $75.00 in customs brokerage fees before giving me my goods!

I call Sirennet and ask why they did not ship by parcel post, and why I was still charged $75 for shipping. They told me it would have cost the same to send it by regular mail, how they'd have to pay someone to go to the post office to mail it. They refused to reimburse me for any costs at all. Furthermore, by the time my goods arrived the DS2 I had bought was listed in their clearance section at $10.00 off. They also refused to reimburse me for these costs!

And these ripoff artists have the gall to put the Canadian flag on their website! I will NEVER do business with these scammers again.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Tigard
Address: 7800 SW Durham Road
Phone: 5039686140

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