Two Fat Guys - Goodyear Automotive Repair Center

Two Fat Guys - Goodyear Automotive Repair Center
13147 Bandera Road
Helotes Texas 78023
(210) 695-3737

On December 13th, 2002, at approximately 10:45 am, I took my 1992 Infiniti Q45 to a Two Fat Guys Goodyear Automotive Repair Center. I required a 4-wheel alignment due to recently replacing some steering components. I take exceptional care of this vehicle. I personally perform oil changes approximately every 3000-4000 miles and replace any parts when needed. Upon arrival to the location, I initially spoke with an employee by the name William. I advised him of my request. He looked up my information in their system and verified my address and phone number. He inquired what type of alignment problem that I was having. I advised him that I had installed rear inner tie rods the day prior, December 12th, and simply needed the vehicle realigned. He requested my keys and advised me that it would probably be an hour and a half before they got to it. I gave him my keys and proceeded to the waiting area where another customer was waiting. I never signed any paperwork nor was advised of any type of test drive.

At approximately 11:22, I noticed a technician, Arthur Rocha 08-07-78, approach my vehicle. He appeared to be writing on a clipboard and entered the vehicle. He backed the vehicle up and approached the southern most exit of the location. I thought that this was initially odd due to no one having told me that there would be any test drive performed. I've been to this location several times in the past and they have never test driven my vehicle. I have receipts showing the in and out mileage being exactly the same. All of the sudden, the technician, Arthur Rocha, very heavily accelerated causing the rear tires to spin and screech from the exit of the parking lot continuing onto the main lanes of Bandera Road. I could hear the engine under heavy acceleration load as it sped southbound on Bandera Road. I have another individual that witnessed this.

I was immediately concerned and angered. I decided to wait and speak to the driver and manager and refuse any further service when the technician returned. Approximately 15-20 minutes went by and the neither driver nor vehicle returned. I was just about to inquire with the management when William entered the waiting room to notify the other waiting customer, my witness, that his vehicle was ready. While in the waiting room, he asked me if I have ever had any problems with my vehicle stalling. I immediately said no and it may have something to do with the technician abusively tearing out of the lot spinning the tires. He asked, if he really did that. I replied yes and advised him that I was not very pleased and wanted my vehicle back. He further stated that the vehicle had quietly stalled approximately 1 1/2 miles down the road at Bandera Road and Loop 1604. He had sent another technician to assist him.

A length of time went by and I was told nothing. I then spoke to the manager, Edward Estroga. He said that the technician stated that the vehicle stalled and began smoking when turning around approximately 1.5 miles down the road. I requested to be taken down where the vehicle was located and was told not to worry about it and that another shop manager went to take care of it.

More time went by and I was advised that they were having the vehicle towed back to the location. While waiting outside the front of the location, I briefly spoke with the other waiting customer who witnessed the incident. I informed him of my situation. He advised me that he is a Police Sergeant for a local University and to contact him if a statement is needed. I have a copy of that witness statement. He gave me his business card. He further stated that when he went to pick up his keys to his vehicle, he was asked to pay for several services and repairs that he did not request.

Once my vehicle was returned to the shop, technicians placed the vehicle on a lift. I inspected the engine compartment and under side of the engine. I noted that a low level of oil remained within the engine by pulling the dipstick. I also noted a massive amount of fresh oil covered the entire underside of the engine, oil pan, and frame. It could not be determined where the oil was originating from at this time. However, it was obvious that there was some type of engine breech. Technicians then proceeded by attempting to manually turn the flywheel with a large socket wrench. The engine was frozen and would not turn. I was then advised that it could possibly be a vapor lock within the engine. The manager advised me that they would remove the spark plugs in an attempt to release the vapor lock. Once all of the spark plugs were removed, they attempted to manually turn the crank again. It remained locked.

At this time, I spoke with the manager and inquired what he was going to resolve the situation. He maintained that they were not responsible and that they would cut me a deal for installation if I found a replacement engine. After spending about six hours at this location, I had enough! I was very angered with his refusal to admit any responsibility of his employee's negligent actions.

I demanded to speak to the owner. Edward Estroga stated that the owner, Mr. Val Minozevski, was out of town and could not be contacted. I knew that this was untrue. I overheard Mr. Estroga having a phone conversation informing him what had occurred. I then demanded that he prepare an incident report noting what had occurred. He replied by stating that he didn't know if he would have time because he was far to busy with other paperwork. I gave my e-mail address along with phone numbers to Edward Estroga. He stated that he would forward a copy of the incident report to me as soon as it was completed. I have yet to receive any contact from the location.

I notified the local Police Department to make the location. I contacted Helotes Police Officer O. Flores #0132. I advised him of the situation. He stated that this location is notorious for similar incidents. He then proceeded by entering the location and spoke with staff members. I have a copy of this incident report. Helotes Police Department case #022088.

I then demanded that the spark plugs be reinstalled and I notified a wrecker service to relocate the vehicle to my home address at my own expense. Edward Estroga refused to pay for the relocation charges.

At approximately 5:20 p.m., my wife made the location and picked me up. I returned to my home address and waited for the tow service to arrive. At approximately 6:00 p.m. the tow service arrived and left the vehicle in my driveway.

I attempted to contact the owner that evening, Friday, December 13th via a complaint message service, (210) 524-5310. Mr. Val Minozevski contacted me at approximately 8:00 p.m. on Monday, December 16th. He stated that he reviewed a video recording of the damage to the vehicle and concluded that the massive amounts of oil present under the vehicle was due to numerous oil leaks. He further stated that the lack of oil more than likely caused the engine failure. I replied that I had been under the vehicle on the day prior, December 12th replacing some suspension parts and there were no oil leaks. I further stated that the massive amounts of oil present were obviously due to some type of breech in the right side of the engine causing the spillage. Mr. Minozveski then asked me if I have ever testified in court. Is this a scare tactic? Well, I am a Crime Scene Investigator for the City of San Antonio. I am thoroughly trained in courtroom testimony. The conversation ended with Mr. Minozevski suggesting that I obtain a second opinion concerning the engine failure and, if need be, he is prepared to fight this out in court.

On December 15th, I returned to the 13147 Bandera Road and thoroughly photographed the location. These photographs consist of the location, the exact parking space where my vehicle was parked, and the exit where the technician Arthur Rocha left the location. These photographs show no oil spillage.

I then proceeded to Bandera Road and Loop 1604 where my vehicle allegedly stalled. I continued photographing.

On Monday, December 16th, I lifted the front of the vehicle while parked at my residence. I thoroughly photographed and videotaped the vehicle, engine compartment, and underside of the engine. I also photographed the driveway where the vehicle is parked daily demonstrating no oil leaks. Finally, I photographed the side driveway of my residence where I had worked on the suspension parts on December 12th, the day prior to the incident. There are no oil stains. I had changed the oil slightly over a month prior to the incident. Mr. Minozevski's claims that my vehicle leaked nearly 5 quarts of oil in this amount of time. If this theory proves true, there would be large puddles found everywhere the vehicle was parked.

In early February of 2003, I was finally able to locate a used engine in Atlanta Georgia. I negotiated the price to $2000. I received the engine on February 27th 2003. I transported it to Gonzaba Autoplex for inspection and installation. I notified the shop manager, Mr. Joe Palacios of my situation. He stated that upon removal of the damaged engine, he would have his ASE Certified technicians examine and evaluate it.

On, March 6th 2003, I returned to Gonzaba Autoplex to examine the removed engine. I proceeded by photographing the engine and damage. I took my father, a 43-year retired mechanic with me for the inspection. We were amazed at what we saw. It appeared that the engine blew up internally. Two complete cylinders and connecting rods were completely destroyed and a third heavily damaged. There were two large holes in the right side of the block crushed metal fragments filling the oil pan. It looked as if the parts were put through a meat grinder! The technicians even stated that there were parts removed from within the intake manifold which they had never seen before. I continued taking photographs. Mr. Palacios, the ASE Certified Technician who did the removal and installation, and my father all conclusively agreed that it was obvious that the damage was a result of extreme over revving and did not merely quietly stall as technician Arthur Rocha stated. I have a notarized letter from the Certified Technician that contains his expert opinion.

The vehicle repairs have now been completed. The low oil pressure warning system and all other warning systems all have been checked and verified that they are correctly operating.

The Facts:
1) I never authorized or was ever told that anyone would be driving my vehicle off of the property onto a roadway. I have several receipts from previous alignments at this location where they didn't test drive it. The mileage in and out on the receipts are the same.
2) The Police Sergeant, my witness, and I both observed Technician Arthur Rocha intentionally peel out of the parking lot and abusively race down Bandera Road full throttle in my vehicle.
3) The severe engine damage and 2 large holes in the right side of the engine was more than the vehicle merely stalling. It would have been heard and felt.
4) I changed the oil slightly over a month prior. I have the receipt to confirm this. I also have all repair and maintenance records. A vehicle that has an oil leak bad enough to leak 5 quarts of oil in a little over a month would leave large oil puddles everywhere it is parked. I took photographs of where I park the vehicle at my residence. I also took photographs of my side driveway where I worked on the vehicle the day prior, December 12th, 2002. Finally, I took photographs of the exact parking space where I parked it at 13147 Bandera Road. No oil!
5) I have a notarized letter from the Certified ASE Technician at Gonzaba Autoplex who inspected the damaged engine along with performing the installation. Their conclusion is that the engine failure was a DIRECT cause from excessively over revving and not lack of oil!

I have attempted to contact Mr. Val Minozevski several times over the past few weeks. My phone calls have not been returned.

My total out of pocket costs include, replacement engine, installation, and transportation expenses total approximately $4,200. This doesn't include the countless hours of research, long distance phone calls, and inconvenience of being without my vehicle for three months. All for what I thought would be a simple $50 wheel alignment. I have extensive documentation of maintenance records showing current oil changes, photographs of my driveway and damaged engine, letters by a Certified ASE Technician, and a creditable witness statement. I am DEMANDING that this company assume their responsibility and remedy their negligence. Otherwise, I have no choice to authorize the local news broadcasts to proceed with their investigative coverage and further pursue legal actions.

I will be posting several photographs in the near future.

San Antonio Police Department Crime Scene Investigator

78249, Texas

Offender: Two Fat Guys - Goodyear Automotive Repair Center
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Helotes
Address: 13147 Bandera Road
Phone: 2106953737

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