Long Beach Acceptance Corp.
LBAC Unbelievable Harrasing, Ruthless, Lying, Cheating Company

I am only writing this report to possibly save someone else from making the same horrible mistake I did of allowing Modesto Mazda to assign my loan to Long Beach Acceptance Corp. They are possiably the worst financial company that I have ever dealt with.

My wife and I purchased our first brand new car in May of 1999, we were so excited. After the first month we started to realize what idiots Long Beach Acceptance had working on their staff. They started calling us and harrasing us for our payments days before they were even due, and if for some reason we were not home to get the message they would call our family that we listed as reference 5 times or more a day. This went on for months and months. Because of an motorcycle accident I had in 1991 my credit was not the best so I did not have the option to refinance with another company, so I figured we would make our payments and refinance in a couple of years.

In 2001 I was laid off and had to make some arrangements for payments because I was falling slightly behind. this is when I really started experiencing the horrible service that I have read about in so many of these reports. I was was making my payments and they were losing them or would mis-post them to wrong accounts. They were constantly making mistakes and they constantly would threaten me with repossesion and talk very rudely to my wife and myself. I would get statements that they couldn't explain extra misc. charges when I asked them to. It was the biggest nightmare of my life.

In late 2001 I was back to work and all payments were back on track and they would still start calling about 2-3 days in advance of when my payments were due and start harassing my wife and myslef at work and home. This continued into 2002. One day I walked out from work and my car was being towed away. When i stopped the driver and asked him what was going on he stated that e ahd an order from Long Beach Acceptance Corp. to pick up my vehicle. I called and spoke with a rep of the company (Ricardo) and he stated they were taking my car for uncollected phone charges from calling me throughout the years of doing business with them and requested I pay $3000.00 in phone charges in order to get my car back. I asked him to explain the charges and he could not give me any details for weeks. His answer was always, just pay the charges and you can get you car back. I stated to him I refuse to pay charges that I did not autorize anywhere in my contract.

After a few weeks of this they were calling my neigbors that were not even listed on my application for this loan. I threatened them that they were out of line and if they didn't stop contacting my neigbors that I don't even have a relationship with, I was going to sue them for harrasment aside from the lawsuit I already have currently against them. Those calls fianally ceased.

Anyway I could go on and on about the unprofessionalisim of the corporation but this is all the time I have at this point. God help anyone who makes the mistake of signing on with this company. By the way, I work in the mortgage industry and the company that they own Ameriquest Mortgage Company is just as crooked.


Offender: Long Beach Acceptance Corp.
Country: USA   State: California   City: Orange
Address: 500 N. State College Blvd. STE. 200

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