Kirby Strickland
Beware! He did it to us...might do it to you, too!

To make a long story short, my fiance was looking for a car part online. Mr. Strickland responded to his message, stating he had the needed part. The check was sent and cashed, but nothing was ever received from Mr. Strickland but a stack of emails full of BS. Despite several requests and lots of patience on our end, he never provided proof that anything was sent to us (proof that he said several times he possessed).

The correspondence between us and Mr. Strickland went on for several months, with no result. We've never received the merchandise or a refund of our money, both of which he claimed had been sent on several occasions.

A fraud report is being filed with the North Dakota Attorney General's Office - Consumer Complaint Division.

I realize that we may never recover a dime from this thief, but I want to make sure that the information is out there to warn others not to do business with Kirby Strickland. I strongly suspect that he's one of those parasites that supplements his income by pulling petty online scams.

IF Mr. Strickland is the honest person he's been trying to make us believe he is, I will be more than happy to update this report as soon as he makes good on his end of the deal.

Before anybody on here flames us for being naive and dealing with an unknown individual, let me just say at the time we were new to Internet trading, and the lesson's been learned. That doesn't excuse Mr. Strickland's behavior. He knows what he's done, and that he owes us the money.

Offender: Kirby Strickland
Country: USA   State: North Dakota   City: Williston
Address: 820 7th Ave West
Phone: 7015720974

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