AT&T Advertising Solutions

Colleen Kannady called me from Att ad sol back in October of 2010. Very slick and pushy salesperson. She was able to talk me and my wife into a one year contract of internet advertising, a ad and a free website with a promise of a money back guarantee if we did not see results. Well when the "ad" was done I looked it over and was glad I could cancel it before it hit the web or I could have been sued! The only information that was correct was the name of the business. I rejected the site and told them to continue using the one I had made. The guarantee of performance is a sham because THEY compile the reports. They always showed I had just enough "hits" to satisfy their end of the deal, I can tell you that by asking customers if they had found me by search engine the resounding answer was "no". My phone didnt ring any more than usual, except when I stopped paying them, then ATT called plenty of times. I also had an outdated listing on Google that I wanted corrected, they said they were Google's #1 customer and it was a done deal. Its still there and still outdated. Basically they did nothing I couldnt have done myself for free. It cost $2800.00 for advertising that wasnt worth anything. Stay Away from AT&T Advertising Solutions! They dont care about your business, they only care about taking your hard earned money and laughing all the way to the bank. I was misled and ripped off, I went ahead and paid them in full to shut them up. BTW, they also use a collection agency called First Collections Services, they misrepresent themselves as ATT. They told me they were in the same building as ATT A.S. They are actually in Arkansas and ATT A.S is in Illinois! I wouldnt expect anything less than a sleazy company like ATT to use a collection agency any less sleazy than they are. They are all thieves!

Offender: AT&T Advertising Solutions
Country: USA   State: Texas   City: Ennis

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