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If you would like to take a flight on the worst airline out there, consider Allegiant Airlines. They are known for their cheap flights, however if you have problems, they are definitely not small in nature. I understand with economic problems, that airlines have cut down their employees, however Allegiant literally only has 5 employees working at each departure. I wouldn't be surprised if the pilot was the one checking my bags! We took a piece of CARRY ON LUGGAGE on our flight from St. Pete to Lexington, only to discover that it would not fit in their smaller-than-normal overhead bins. Previously, the check in attendant looked at the size and said that it would be fine. Since the two attendants/check-in/pilot workers decided to board the plane from both the front and the back at the same time, there was also no room in the overhead bins and people were blocking all the aisles and getting very agitated. The attendant said that they would put the luggage under the plane and it would be at the baggage claim, needless to say we were worried. And rightfully so, it was definitely not at the baggage claim and to make it worse, NO employees were at their gate to help! There were numerous other people there as well, missing luggage. After 45 MINUTES of waiting (the 2 employees were out prepping the plane), we finally spoke to the flight attendant who we had originally handed the luggage to. She said she accidentally put it back on the plane and it was headed back to St. Pete. Keep in mind, this had our toiletries and all of our CARRY ON ITEMS that we desperately needed for our vacation!!! They said that we would have to call St. Pete, so 3 days later they overnighted our CARRY ON LUGGAGE back to us, only for us to discover that they STOLE some DVD's from us, and broke our cell phone charger. We are still trying to get some sort of compensation from this ridiculous airline! PLEASE WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT LET THEM TOUCH YOUR CARRY ON LUGGAGE!!!

Luckily, I had put my medication and things for my child in my other carry on luggage, or I don't know what I would've done. Do not trade in a cheap airfare for the important things that you absolutely need for your vacation - it is SO not worth it!!!

Offender: Allegiant Airlines
Country: USA   State: Florida   City: St Pete

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