Worldpac Inc
Unprofessional Parts Delivery Man

I have owned a car dealership in Naples Florida for over 10 years I have been buying car parts from Worldpac Inc . for the past 2 years. I had the worst experience today with their Delivery person named Mike. He came in to drop off Parts and my office manager was in the back taking care of a billing issue he came in my store yelling with other customers in the store we ask him to please wait a minute he state he did not have time. Slammed the parts on the counter and started to use profanity that we had to pay and he had to leave, this was very intimdating to the other customers in the store. When my office manager came out to give him a check he jerked it out of her hand where it ripped he yelled at her he needed another one where she explained she had 3 other customers to wait on it would be a minute, he started to use profanity again. She stated sir if you would not have ripped the check from my hand this would not have happened. I came out to find out he was leaving me the wrong parts, and showed him they belonged to another customer where he became irate and used more profanity. I did call the manager a Kevin Eastman and he was rude to me and over spoke me and never apologized for the rude behavior. Sad to say I will not be buying from Worldpac Inc. again and down here in Florida the snowbirds are starting to come back and they would have got a lot of business from me. I am not sure how this man keeps his job and if he is so unhappy why does he continue to do the job. The delivery man before him was always very nice to me and my employees.

Offender: Worldpac Inc
Country: USA   State: All USA

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