exxon 4784823
Purchased services not provided

I visited Exxon at Loehmann's Plaza 4784823 in Falls Church, VA. this evening. I intended to use a car wash that I purchased on 10/26/2011. After entering the code from my receipt at the car wash, I received the message that the code had expired. According to my receipt the code indeed had expired on 11/09/11; I did not know that the car wash had an expiration date as it is a service provided by the service station on a daily basis. I went inside to the station attendent and requested a valid code so I could wash my car or a refund so that I could repurchase the service and wash my car. The service attendent, Kidist, refused stating that she was not allowed to give either a refund or issue a new code. She did very little to assist me. I asked to talk to the manager, but there was no manager at the store. I asked her to call the manager; or someone that could assist me and she refused. I again requested a refund, but she refused. She asked if I wanted to talk to the manager and I said yes. She picked up a cell phone and I expected her to call someone, but she did not. She proceded to write down a phone number. She said I could talk to the manager by calling the store tomorrow; the phone number she was giving me was the number to the service station. All I wanted to do was wash my car. I wanted the service that I had already purchased. To me this does not seem like an unreasonable expectation or an unreasonable request; as I purchased a car wash; I did not used the code issued to me on my receipt; I had my receipt; and the car wash was open and appeared to be servicable. I still do not understand why the attendant could not issue me a new code or refund for the service that I purchased but did not receive. I find this customer service unacceptable. I realize that my code expired, but I would not expect a non-perishable service that does not expire to not be provided once purchased.

Offender: exxon 4784823
Country: USA   State: All USA

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