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Incentive Plans - F-150 1/2 ton

I am writing today about a poor customer service situation with Ford Motor. My dissatisfaction is about a vehicle I ordered through my dealer the last week of February. On March 1st my dealer called me to inform me no rebates or incentives were changing and we are good to go on pricing when my truck arrives. Come to find out the week before my truck is to arrive that rebates changed and now I have to come up with additional $500. This would have been my third pickup since 2008 with ford totaling $114,000 spent with them and to lose a deal over $500 is hard to comprehend. Everyone I have spoken to Ford says there's nothing they can do and that they cannot honor the additional $500 rebate. I understand rebates are subject to change, but its a matter of principle and good business to honor a price. Ford says it's customers are important, but this is untrue because of prior problems with getting my truck in park and reverse and putting in a request earlier this year which was never answered and no feedback was received. Request from Ford go to the wayside and unfortunately that is sad for the customer. My friend just had $4,000 work done on his GMC Yukon which Chewy sent a $1900 check back to my friend because they thought it was unusual to have that much in repairs on a 4 yr vehicle. I don't understand how chevy management can make a business decision like this, but Ford Motor Company cannot over $500. Hard to comprehend why anyone would do business like this when a person shows loyalty to Ford. Ford customer service line is poorly run with no processes in place to handle disputes like this one. All ford customer service rep do is take down information and they allow you to do a survey at the end. Kinda silly when no actions are taken place by Ford Management. I know someone in Ford Management can review the circumstances and make things right, but unfortunately the wrong people are involved at ford and no one can make a BUSINESS DECISION.

Offender: ford motor company
Country: USA   State: All USA

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