Batteries Plus

Being insulted and degraded by the manager of the Roseburg OR batteries plus must be one of my favorite things because this is the second session I have endured.

I enjoy nothing more than spouted ignorance such as “ We at batteries plus make the best batteries here in the USA” and “Other manufacturers products are inferior because they are made in Mexico" (I personally take offense to that being I am half Hispanic and have many hard working family and friends who work in Mexico) -or- “Sir, your equipment and experience in using the batteries it is the problem” ( albeit a $2000.00 charging system with a solar array designed by an engineer and run by one of his employees who has installed hundreds and has never had a problem with any) -or- “The last defective battery you returned I resold at almost full cost to another customer after telling him it was a blem item and failing to mention that it doesn’t hold its rated capacity” Not once was it the batteries fault (being they have already been proven to not hold up to stated capacity within warranty terms, by multiple capacity tests by two separate professionals, not once, but twice before, tests they refuse to attempt, being I was told “They do not have the correct equipment to do so“) .

The sad part of all this is not once was I asked what could be done to remedy this issue or what he might do to assist me in obtaining another brand of battery ( being that was the actual reason I was in the establishment and had $400.00 dollars to spend for that purpose but just didn’t want to purchase the proven overrated, poor quality battery). I never once asked him to replace the battery for free, all I asked is how the warranty worked and if it was still effective. The battery I originally purchased a “Werker “ had a three year pro-rated warranty that had been replaced by one of the batteries in question the “Rayovac 6 volt pro series 120 amp hr” not once, but twice in one year coming to a grand total of three sets of batteries in less than a three year period with none holding capacity for there stated warranty period so in actuality this battery still had a pro-rating on it. It is clear these batteries do not perform to spec within the stated 1 year warranty and most defiantly are over rated in there amp hour capacity and performance. If Batteries Plus feels otherwise I suggest they obtain the proper testing equipment to prove my stated claims false instead of the repetitious condescending insinuation of “I am making it all up”.

So if you enjoy such customer services as “defamation of character”, “racist slurs” and numerous condescending remarks, gestures and looks all coming from the mouth of a inane self proclaimed genius in the field of batteries, by all means let Batteries Plus sell you a defective returned product, or if you prefer one that is far from it’s rated capacity and stated warranty, being they want you to not spend your money with that “Mexican junk dealer” being they wouldn’t want to give up a customer that they could freely insult at a later date.

Offender: Batteries Plus
Country: USA   State: Oregon   City: Roseburg

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